Friday, December 2, 2016

email that i wish could send all teachers

Dear Teachers,

Members of the Educational Technology Division ETD Learning Communities has prototyped some Play Books, Android and iOS simulation Apps and a Digital Library that might be interesting for you to know and explore, as a ground approach to achieving MP4 goals for Future-ready and Responsible Digital Learners”. 

Below are some samples of FREE resources by Open Source Physics @ SG co-developed by ETD and the 12 schools teachers who collaborated with ETD since 2012.

Do email me back if you are interested to develop some materials together with our ETD Learning Communities and as eduLab projects in 2018.

2 Android Apps

3 iOS apps (many thanks to Mr. Ezzy Chan)


4. ETD Digital Library OSP@SG Portfolio: (many thanks to Ms Lye Sze Yee)

How to package EjsS for SLS

Student Learning Space SLS only take package in a particular form, so this is a tutorial for anyone interested to contribute their EjsS simulation into this space.

for example,

  1. package is isolated and no link out
  2. zip with index.html in the root of the zip

the following is a possible way to get any OSP JavaScript simulation into the Student Learning Space.
This post is made for educational purposes and it not intended for non cyberwellness behavior.

  1. Open up EjsS by double click on the EjsConsole.jar 
  2. Selected the simulation and package as an app
  3. navigate to export folder of the workspace and expand the file say 
  4. copy the simulation gravity04_Simulation.xhtml file into the root of the folder 
  5. rename the exisitng index.html into indexold.html 

  6. change the name of the simulation to index.html
  7. the prepare the new index.html file use any web editor to open it 
  8.  do a find for 
    1. ../
  9. remove these characters 
  10. the lines should look like this now
    1. <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/ejss.css" /> 
    2. <script src="js/common_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script> 
    3. <script src="js/textresizedetector.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    4.  <script src="js/ejsS.v1.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
  11. double click on index.html to test it work properly 

  12. selected all the file by keyboard a CONTROL + A 
  13. right click and compress in a zip file of any name 
  14. upload to SLS and it should work, enjoy!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Apps as virtual lab edulab

Research Question: What were learning/teaching design features 

  • simple or complex view, 
  • how to design simple dropdown menu controls, 
  • controls inputs via view or separate panel for interactions, 
  • 2 or 3 dimension view, realistic and accurate model, 
  • with or without mathematical modeling capabilities, 
  • allow for creative scenario

in the App that students and teachers find useful for simulating and visualise Physics?

both gravity and modern with be in Term 2

To make video showing students talking about excitment to learn physics

List of devices that does not support WebGL, no 3D on them.

  • Samsung J1 Ace Android 5.1.1(probably a manufacturer defect?)

Dear Applicants

Title of Project: Apps as Virtual Laboratory

We are pleased to inform you that your project has been selected as an eduLab project, subjected to the following conditions:
  1. The role of the consultant(s) in the proposed project need to be elaborated to provide greater clarity on the need for their continued involvement in the proposed project.
  2. The proposed project budget will be reviewed and perhaps reduced.

We will send you further instructions and a letter of offer with details of the approved grant amount by Jan 2017. Meanwhile, there’s no immediate action required from you.

Thank you for championing innovations for learning with ICT! Enjoy your holidays and we wish you a great year ahead!

PS: Please note that the approved grant for your edulab project may differ from your submitted proposal depending on the recommendation of the eduLab Evaluation Panel. In addition, the grant is awarded based on the premise that the aims and deliverables stated in your approved proposal will be fulfilled.


projected 7 days - Design new and enhanced Apps templates for simulation that can be used on Android and iOS Apps Development platforms that tap on both Google and Apple App development based on Easy JavaScript Simulation Modeling Tool (EjsS) and the Ionic Platform. This is not a trivial task as the creation of these Apps need to run seamlessly on both mobile App development platform using the same source codes that requires expert consultant to work on in Singapore.
projected 5 days -  have consultant to rapidly develop, test with students and teachers in face to face settings, site visit to Hwa Chong Institution to understand and propose better ways to serve the Apps
projected 13 days - Teach the project team members and how to create
  • new simulations using drawing elements for scalar field for powerful display of phenomena not avaliable yet on Ejss.
  • new simulations using 3D WebGL in color for 3D simulations in Apps
  • new simulations using a better way to import 3D objects into Apps 
  • enhance the mathematical modeling feature in App
  • add/make video to explain concepts, adapt/design quiz maker, improve/better interaction between Apps and students
  • teach project team how to harness the full power of low-level programming in EjsS as that undocumented JavaScript features can be deployed in our Apps
  • debug and improve the Apps
  • add native Google Store and iOS Game server for increase achievement unlock to motivate students
projected 1 day - to discuss, document and reflect about new functionality and features in future versions of EjsS and our Apps.
project 1 day to discuss about how to integrate Learning Analytics in Hwa Chong Institution Moodle Learning Management System in the learning process using our Apps.
projected scaling up 4 days workshop - conduct a 4 days workshop "Apps as Virtual Laboratory" at eduLab@AST for interested teachers and professors in NUS, NTU etc to use and customise our Apps.

total = 26 days consultant + 4 days workshop

based on the template proposed
per day Full professor =  $500 per working day
26x 500 = $ 13 000 consultant
4x 1500 = $ 6000 workshop trainer

airfare and transport $ 2000
hotel per day = $400
30x400 = 12 000

at $33 000