Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MAE800 Research Methodology in Applied Linguistics MA (Applied Linguistics)

may need to take this in 1st year.
MA (Applied Linguistics)
Course code MAE800
Course title Research Methodology in Applied Linguistics
AU value 3 AU
Name of instructor
Dr Hu Guangwei (coordinator)
6790 3484
Assessment mode By assignments and quizzes

Time of day
Day of week
Date of first class
6:00pm ± 9:00pm

1 September 2010
Venue / Room

A computer lab equipped with SPSS will be needed
for Sessions 6 and 7. The preferred lab is the
Fourier Lab (7-B1-12).

A tutorial room in Block 3 is preferred for the rest
of the sessions.

Specify the evening intake(s)
that is required to take the
course in Aug 2010 Semester.
Intake Year:
Maximum class size 25
Who it is open to? All MA (applied linguistics) students and PhD
Prerequisites No.