Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MSM 814 Statistical Reasoning for Educators

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Course code MSM 814
Course title Statistical Reasoning for Educators
AU value 3 AU
Name of instructor
Cheang Wai Kwong
6790 3920
Assessment mode Assignments and Tests

Time of day
Day of week
Date of first class
6 ± 9 pm
3 Sep 2010
Venue / Room

Math Lab 5 (7-B1-10) ± to be booked by AG

Specify the evening intake(s)
that is required to take the
course in Aug 08 Semester.
Intake Year:
Maximum class size 25
Who it is open to? All MSc and PhD students who have good
background in statistics
Prerequisites Undergraduate Statistics (equivalent to
Statistics I and II in NIE Degree programme)