Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MSM 814 Statistical Reasoning for Educators MSc (Mathematics for Educators)

maybe need this 2nd year.

MSc (Mathematics for Educators)
Course code MSM 814
Course title Statistical Reasoning for Educators
AU value 3 AU
Name of instructor
Cheang Wai Kwong
6790 3920
Assessment mode Assignments and Tests

Time of day
Day of week
Date of first class
6 ± 9 pm
3 Sep 2010
Venue / Room

Math Lab 5 (7-B1-10) ± to be booked by AG

Specify the evening intake(s)
that is required to take the
course in Aug 08 Semester.
Intake Year:
Maximum class size 25
Who it is open to? All MSc and PhD students who have good
background in statistics
Prerequisites Undergraduate Statistics (equivalent to
Statistics I and II in NIE Degree programme)