Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Teachers' Conference 2010

Teachers' Conference 2010
I have registered and i think it is free for sg teachers, was not warned of any cost by the website :)

School/Organisation : MOE HQ-ETD
Registration Date : 09-06-2010 08:30:52
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Teachers' Conference 2010
DAY 1 (6 SEPTEMBER 2010)
Segment A C119
Science Inquiry Curriculum @ Yishun Junior College
Science Inquiry Curriculum @ Yishun Junior College
To develop students holistically as student leaders with passion and integrity, the Yishun Junior College Science Department embarked on a Science Inquiry Curriculum in 2009. Teachers make use of the 7’E’ inquiry model to facilitate in-depth student learning about the nature of science, its relevance and applications. In this curriculum, every science student is given the opportunity to work on a science research project, and pick up science process skills such as planning, manipulation, measurement, observation, analysis, conclusion and evaluation.

Teachers will be introduced to the ‘7E’ inquiry model and how they can incorporate it into their lessons.
Subject: Science Audience: JC/CI
Mr Lim Choon Huat Byran
Mr Goh Giam Hwee Jimmy
Mr Seoh Kah Huat Robin Yishun Junior College
(15:30 to 17:30)

DAY 2 (7 SEPTEMBER 2010)
Segment B C218
Curriculum Mapping: Physics
(11:00 to 12:30)
Curriculum Mapping: Physics
Curriculum mapping is a school-wide approach in which we aim to address some questions: Who is doing what? Are the curriculum, instruction and assessment aligned to the goals? How are we able to work effectively and efficiently to enhance the pupils’ learning? It seeks to provide an opportunity for a common understanding and language to be established amongst the staff.
The session intends to share how CM attends to various aspects of Physics teaching and learning:
- issues of skills spiralling and conceptual understanding,
- challenges encountered in the process
- benefits to teaching and learning
- areas for improvement

Subject: Science Audience: Secondary/JC/CI
Mdm Ning Hwee Tiang Raffles Girls School (Sec)

Segment C TF03
One Size Does Not Fit All!
(13:45 to 15:15)
One Size Does Not Fit All!
The students we teach today are digital natives to whom effective engagement is the key. Engaging and inspiring our students to learn will be a challenge for teachers if pedagogical content knowledge and the repertoire of teaching skills are limited. How can teachers exploit the diverse pedagogies to engage our students and at the same time ensure that learning takes place? How can we assess their learning beyond pen and paper methods? How do we enable our students to take greater responsibility for their own learning and be co-creators of knowledge?

Tag: Diverse pedagogy, Formative assessments, Multiple Intelligences, Infocommunication Technology
(1) Arthur Ball (U.K./Sunderland)
(2) Brendon Nutt (Australia/WA)
(3) Lau Kwok Leung

(1) Arthur uses diverse pedagogical tools to teach and assess his pupils. With his wealth of experience and repertoire of pedagogy used in classroom, He will address wider issues such as pupil voice and co- construction of learning at the forum.

(2) Brendon will share his perspective on how technology is not just a classroom tool but to be use to engage and excite students as well as help them develop personal qualities and skills that will enable them to become more productive members of society.

(3) As a Vice-Principal, Kwok Leung is the leader of teachers’ professional development and is involved in the curriculum and assessment of Physics. With these experiences, Kwok Leung will provide insights on how to effectively engage students in the modern day classroom.

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The FAQ page is rather cool, i thought. :)


Question: Where will the Conference be held?

Answer: The venue will be updated on the website in August.

Question: Who may register as participants?

Answer: Teachers and Allied Educators(T&L) from Schools, Education Officers from MOE HQ, and Teachers from Independent Schools.

Question: When may I register for the Conference?

Answer: Teachers may register between 4 – 30 June 2010.

Question: Am I allowed to change Concurrent Sessions after registration?

Answer: Participants would not be able to change Concurrent Sessions after registration is confirmed.

Question: How would I know that my registration has been confirmed?

Answer: You will receive a confirmation email within a week after the registration closes.

Question: Would I be able to sit in a Concurrent Session that I have not signed up for?

Answer: Admission is strictly by registration. Non-registered personnel would not be able to participate. Participants have to show a printout of the Confirmation Email to participate in any session at the Conference. Participants who do not have their Confirmation Email with them may show their MOE Singapore Civil Service or Identification cards for verification.

If you have additional questions, please email the conference secretariat at
Be careful. Remember that any time you include an email address on a web page, nasty spammers can find it too