Thursday, March 17, 2011

Excellence in Service Award Silver 2009 Gold 2010

I am spring cleaning my desk and knowing the certificates will get lost, i decided to archive them on blog-spot.
Excellent Service Award (EXSA) Silver 2009
Excellent Service Award (EXSA) Gold 2010

What is EXSA
This national award recognises individuals, in both the private and public sectors, who have delivered outstanding service. Launched in 1994, it seeks to develop service models within organisations for staff to emulate, create service champions and professionalise services.

The Industries Behind EXSA
EXSA is managed by SPRING Singapore and seven lead industry associations (the Association of Singapore Attractions, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, the Land Transport Authority, the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore, the Singapore Hotel Association, the Singapore Retailers Association and the Restaurant Association of Singapore). In addition, the Consumers Association of Singapore, Food, Drinks & Allied Workers' Union, Singapore Manual & Mercantile Workers' Union, Service Quality Centre and Singapore Tourism Board serve as advisors and supporters for this award.

MOE & the EXSA
Subsequently in January 2006, the MOE PS 21 Quality Service Functional Committee (QSFC) introduced the EXSA as part of the Service Excellence Awards Landscape within MOE. It complements the existing MOE Service Excellence Award and civil service-wide Public Service Star Service Award, all of which recognise staff who deliver service excellence consistently.

EXSA aims to encourage all MOE staff—whether at MOE HQ or in schools—to acquire a service mindset and strive towards customer service excellence when serving both our internal and external customers. The progression of staff in achieving the various EXSA award levels will assist MOE Divisions and schools to continually strive for improvement in performance and internal practices to match industry standards.