Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Excellence in Service Award (EXSA) Star 2011

Excellence in Service Award (EXSA) Star 2011

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Loo Kang is greatly committed to helping schools and teachers integrate technology for learning and teaching. All of the following school outreach and support efforts by Loo Kang had resulted in positive outcomes for schools in terms of enhancing student learning as well as the building up of critical teacher capacity:

(1) His workshops and presentations on the use of Physics tools (i.e.Tracker and simulations for student inquiry learning) were generally well-received by schools. Loo Kang was able to inspire teachers and key personnel to adopt the use of the Physics tools that he shared. For example, his work in reaching out to the Physics community during the 3rd Physics Instructional Programme Support Group Sharing and through his blog entries (weelookang.blogspot.com) was commended by the DD Science Branch CPDD (see Case 1). The HOD ICT from Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) and the HOD Science from Yishun Junior College (YJC) became convinced to adopt the use of the video tracker tool after hearing Loo Kang’s presentations (see Case 2 and Case 3). A Science teacher was also extremely grateful for Loo Kang's web resources which he provided just-in-time for her to incorporate in her Science department's work (Case 4).

(2) Loo Kang went beyond the call of duty to continually customise Physics resources to make them suitable for use in the different school and project contexts. With his close handholding of HCI and YJC, Loo Kang successfully helped them to scale the use of the video tracker for the learning of Physics. It was Loo Kang’s ‘strong support’ that resulted in HCI's HOD ICT and his 4 other physics teachers designing and creating the necessary Physics videos and worksheets (see Case 2). Similarly, YJC’s HOD Science and his 6 Physics teachers were appreciative of Loo Kang’s support that helped them to scale the use of the video tracker for a level-wide lesson involving 200+ students (see Case 3).

(3) Loo Kang was also able to provide high quality assistance to Dr Zhang Baohui, Learning Sciences Lab, NIE and his colleague Karel for their NIE project. His suggestions and feedback provided NIE with much food for thought in terms of how they could more meaningfully incorporate the use of simulations and other tools in their project.(see Case 5).

(4) Loo Kang worked closely with the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) Physics Task Force Committee to review and recommend possible frameworks for integrating technology as well as develop 2 lesson exemplars to be shared with teachers. Chan Lai Peng, ETD's Deputy Director, Technologies & Design for Learning Branch indicated that Loo Kang's AST "contributions will be fully appreciated by the teachers" (see Case 6).

(5) In addition to his Physics presentations, Loo Kang did an insightful sharing on how an electronic  Professional Learning Community approach could build teacher capacity. Aw Wai Lin Alice, Principal Master Teacher and Teh-Yau Li Heong, Master Teacher, were very appreciative that they invited him to share again at the (1) science subject chapter committee meeting and (2) West Zone COE/Science and Technology seminar with the Master teachers (See Case 7).

Loo Kang competently provided the necessary pedagogical support for schools who are keen to use ICT tools for the learning and teaching of Physics. He is very open to hearing the schools' feedback on the use of his Physics resources and encourages them to work closely with him to further improve and customise these resources to benefit more schools.

EXSA Star Form 2011 (MOEHQ) WLK