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WEE Loo Kang resume


Mr. WEE Loo Kang
(hp) 9247 5573   (office) 6879 6543

Current Appointment

Educational Technology Officer, Technologies and Design for Learning Branch, Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education, Singapore.


Pursuing Doctor of Philosophy in Physics Education
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Research Title “Design and Implementation of computer simulations to support students’ scientific visualization in Electromagnetism on Alternating Current Generator and Direct Current Motor”.



Master of Arts in Instructional Design and Technology
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Special diploma in Physics Education

National Institute of Singapore, NTU, Singapore

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) with Merit

National Institute of Singapore, NTU, Singapore
Specialised in Physics and Mathematics.

B.Eng. Honours Degree (2nd Division)

National University of Singapore, Singapore
Mechanical Engineering.

Career History & Accomplishments

Educational Technology Officer, Educational Technology Division, MOE.
  • Masterplan 3 (ICT Connection, eduLab, Open Source Physics teacher lead initiative)
    • Member of Secretariat in the 3rd Masterplan for ICT in Education Steering committee and co-wrote the R&D chapter.
    • Co-design and research on Open Source Physics with RVHS and YJC and other ICT enabled lessons with a total of 7 published submissions on ICT Connection[1] portal, with another 4 Open Source Physics lessons by 2012.
    • Lead a team of officers to develop, maintain and promote The ICT Connection portal, MOE’s one-stop portal for the 3rd Masterplan for ICT in Education.
    • Lead a team of officers to conceptualise, design and develop The ICT Connection portal.
    • Conducted workshop on SDL and CoL during CraDLe Conference 2011 @CGS.
    • Creator of ICT connection ONE-MOE Learning Team Forum.
    • Led a team of officers, teachers from RVHS, SRJC and YJC to develop Physics lessons using Open Source Physics Tools under eduLab initiative.
    • Conducted use of Easy Java Simulation 3rd IPSG 2011 ACJC, ICT mentor Homecoming @AST on simulations, American Physics Teacher Summer Meet, 2010 , Oregon, USA and HCI Conference 2009.
    • Conducted use of Tracker for video analysis and modelling with RVHS @3rd IPSG ACJC 2011, @National ICT sharing Kranji Sec 2011, @NIE 4th Redesign Pedagogy Conference & @Teacher conference SSC 2010, @RGS etc.
  • Academy of Singapore Teachers (Open Source Physics teacher lead initiative and Networked PLC)
    • Led in Academy Subject Chapter (Physics) Professional Learning Community (PLC) through sharing on Open Source Physics Tools (Easy Java Simulation and Tracker).
o       Task Force Committee O and A level Physics with MTT Dr Charles Chew created 2 Open Source Physics simulations and lesson packages.
o       Conducted workshops on Blended Learning (EMI exemplar) with MTT Dr Charles Chew @IPSG ACJC 2011 & NJC 2011.
o       Committee member for Physics Handbook for Secondary School, conceptualize the launch animation. 
o       Academy Symposium 2011 presenter of session on Inquiry of Physics through simulations.
o       Conducted workshops on ePLC and Blended Learning (PLC) with MTT Teh Li Heong @NJC @COE Science Teacher Seminar RVHS @AST Subject Chapter Meeting @Zhong Hua Primary etc.
  • Masterplan 2 (R&D programme on Interactive & Digital Media in Education and ETD resource development)
    • Officer-in-charge of 4 of the 13 R&D programme on Interactive & Digital Media in Education project office.
      • SuperTracker by Republic Poly.
      • Machining simulations by Temasek Poly.
      • Legends of Alkhimia by NIE.
      • Statecraft X by NIE.
    • Officer-in-charge of Physics resource development in mp2.
      • 14 Physics with NUS, demo video in (community top rated).
      • Numerous Flash animations for Primary School Science (community top rated).


Physics Teacher, Yishun Junior College
  • Teacher leadership in infusing ICT in physics tutorial, laboratory and lecture and an e-learning activist championing student-centred pedagogy of inquiry through simulations.
  • Informally offered Subject head in ICT in 2006 but took up position in MOEHQ instead as an Educational Technology Officer.
  • Led the Physics Unit (Science department) to achieve the best value add Award (Group) in 2006.

Contract Teacher, Assumption English Secondary School
  • Teacher experience include Secondary 1 science, Secondary 2 normal tech science, Secondary 3 normal technical science, Secondary 4 civics and moral education



  • Academy Singapore Teachers Appreciation Award (nominated). 
  • Excellence in Service Award (EXSA) Star (accepted).

  • Excellence in Service Award (EXSA) Gold. 

  • Excellence in Service Award (EXSA) Silver. 

  • MOE Long Service (10 years) Award.


Peer-reviewed journal
  • Wee L.K. (2011) One-Dimensional Collision Carts Computer Model and its Design Ideas for Productive Experiential Learning Physics Education XX(X), XXX (accepted for publication).
  • Wong, D., Sng, P. P., Ng, E. H., & Wee, L. K. (2011). Learning with multiple representations: an example of a revision lesson in mechanics. Physics Education, 46(2), 178.

Conference papers
  • Wee L.K. Lee T.L. (2011) Video Analysis and Modeling Tool for Physics Education: A workshop for Redesigning Pedagogy at 4th Redesigning Pedagogy conference workshop on Video Analysis and Modeling for Physics Education, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. 
  • Lee T.L., Wee, L. K. (2011, 12 August) National ICT Sharing Session 2011 Learning Physics of Sport through Video Analysis and Modeling, @ Kranji Sec Sch, Singapore.
  • Wee, L. K., Lee T.L. & Charles Chew (2010, 23-24 November) Workshop Concurrent 4.9 Workshop - Innovation in Science Education Open Source Physics – Tracker Video Analysis and Modeling Tool, Singapore Science Center, Singapore 1st Science Teacher Conference.
  • Wee, L. K. (2010, 20 July). Physics Educators as Designers of Simulation using Easy Java Simulation. Paper presented at the American Association of Physics Teachers National Meeting Conference: 2010 Summer Meeting, Portland, Oregon, USA.
  • Wee, L. K., & Mak, W. K. (2009, 02 June). Leveraging on Easy Java Simulation tool and open source computer simulation library to create interactive digital media for mass customization of high school physics curriculum. Paper presented at the 3rd Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference, Singapore.

Selected List of Open Source Physics Simulations
Unpublished dissertations
  • Wee, L.K. ( 2007, June) Unpublished work Effectiveness of Computer Laboratory Based E-Learning Instructional Program on Addressing Misconceptions in Projectile Motion Masters Of Instructional Design and Technology Critical Inquiry Assignment MMM800 National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University (NIE/NTU), Singapore.
  • My Philosophy in education is based on the assumption that learning needs to be grounded on first-person experience of doing and experimenting, thus what I do in my own teacher led initiative, is to research and develop on the open source physics simulation tools, networking with the Open Source Physics community-researchers.
  • I argue for computer models as suitable physics learning environments for the following 4 reasons: 1) to visualize physics through multiple representations especially for invisible concepts 2) ease of theory generation from ‘real life annoyances free’, accurate simulation, 3) mathematical analysis & modelling to deepen inquiry 4) to create new physics computer models to represent understanding.
  • Lastly, I create these tools to so that learners and educators can use them free of monetary cost because the world needs more people to give, hopefully the world would be a better place for all humankind.

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