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Project Highlights at eduLab@AST

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Overview of Application (for both website and PCs at Malan Road)
also available here http://iresearch.edumall.sg/iresearch/slot/u110/edulab/html/PH_4.html

Java Simulation Design for Teaching and Learning

1. Name of Application:
Java Simulation Design for Teaching and Learning

2. Level/Subject
(e.g: Primary 3-4 Social Studies, Upper Secondary Multi-disciplinary)
Pre – University Physics

3. Type of Application:
(e.g: Interactive digital textbook, 3D immersive game, e-portfolio, digital trail, etc.)
Computer Models

4. Alignment to Learning & Teaching:
(e.g: Collaborative Learning traits, Self-Directed Learning, 21st Century Dispositions & Skills, etc.)
Assessment for learning

5. Computing Devices To Run Application
Device Type Y if application can be supported by device Remarks (if any)
Windows PC Y Require Java runtime
Run standalone or on browser
Apple Mac Y
iPhone/iPod Touch
Android Phone
Android Tablet
Others (Please specify) Linux OS

6. Synopsis of Application (Maximum 100 words)
(Briefly describe how application can be used with accompanying pedagogy to impact learning & teaching)

This project seeks to further students’ inquiry learning through the appropriate use of computer models with multiple representations thereby improving students’ understanding of abstract concepts in Physics.
This project’s key pedagogical method is the guided inquiry approach through customized computer models, worksheets and skillful teacher facilitation, to enable students to conduct scientific investigation-inquiry on the computer models and propose/deduce physics concepts in agreement with the evidence/data collected in the computer models and real world.

7. School(s) Using the Application/Solution
(eduLab@AST thanks the following schools and teachers for sharing their experiences with fellow educators.)
Before providing the following contact details, please ensure that the teachers have agreed to be contacted for
user-experience-related queries from other schools.

8. Trial Account (if any)
Free Access

9. Pricing (accurate as of <<24 feb 2012>>)

10. Contacts of Vendor (Specialist Researcher to Seed Scale & Sustain)
Name of Company: Wee Loo Kang
Name of Person: Wee Loo Kang
Designation: Senior Specialist (Physics)
Phone (Office): 6879 6543
Mobile Phone: 92475573
Email: wee_loo_kang@moe.gov.sg

11. Related Workshop at eduLab@AST
(This section will be completed by eduLab@AST Programmes Committee, ETD)
Title of Workshop

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