Tuesday, February 7, 2012

W16 NASCAR physics

W16: Teaching Physics Using NASCAR

Sat, Feb 4
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Don Franklin

Members: $75.00
Non-members: $100.00


Max: 60
Available: 55

Description: Want to take Physics out of the textbook and into real life? This reality workshop will allow you to travel to a NASCAR track, dialog with an engineer, ride around the track in a van and sit in the pits while the cars are making laps around the track. For an additional fee, you can also ride in the passenger seat for four laps or drive the car on the track yourself for ten laps. Help the motor heads in your school see Physics in Action. Have them coming to class asking what part Physics played in how the car?s finish. Now you can teach for the moment! Transportation is included in the cost of this workshop, as well as a copy of textbook: Fast Car Physics. The van(s) will depart from the Ontario Convention Center.

NASCAR track @Ontario California
Pit Pass
most of the participants took the NASCAR ride as passengers
Don Franklin sharing on NASCAR phyiscs
lookang in NASCAR outfit
USD $68.96 for 4 rounds in a NASCAR in passenger seat
most of the participants took the NASCAR ride as passengers
NASCAR track @Ontario California