Friday, October 18, 2013

Rationale for Modelling Practices with Open Source Physics

Rationale for Modelling Practices with Open Source Physics

made a sale speech on why Singapore should have  Modelling Practices with Open Source Physics.
Are you convinced yet?

Modelling is a key activity in physics . The study of physics, more than any other branches of science, centres around making observations of natural phenomena, creating mathematical models and testing them through experiments . A mathematical model is a simplified version of an isolated complex real world system under study, which can be descriptive or explanatory, and has predictive power within certain limits . It serves as a bridge between abstract scientific theories and the observations and experiences of the real world . It is an important tool that is highly transferable to other disciplines, such as modelling of weather patterns, earthquakes, movement of people and even financial markets.

I would like to share this citation for the following rationale:

  1. The article is open access to allow anyone to refer to for in-depth cross examination.
  2. Open source Physics is winner of the Science Prize for Online Resources in Education (SPORE) award
  3. Wolfgang Christian and Francisco Esquembre have agreed to come to Singapore in 2014 to conduct workshops and give public lectures/presentations on their work in Physics Education, you can meet them if suits. J
  4. I am prepared to develop this modelling activity with Tracker and Easy Java Simulation, these tools are open sourced and free (cost zero dollars) for anyone to use.