Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tracker Ball Toss Up

Tracker Ball Toss Up by Douglas Brown and model by lookang $v_{y}$ = 3.94 and $f_{y}$ = 2*-4.837, where numbers are determined by analysis of trend fitting curves coefficients
author of Tracker 4.83: Douglas Brown jar mirrorauthor: tracker and video by douglas brown, model by lookang vy = 3.94 and fy = 2*-4.837, where numbers are determined by analysis of trend fitting curves coefficients

appreciate if anyone can try out this concept test and feedback problems faced!

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ACESS principles of learning Carmean and Haefner (2002).

  1. active worksheet 
    1. design needs explicit modelling instruction pedagogy to allow scientific thinking
    2. design needs actual screenshots of activity to do and collect evidences for the discussion
      1. slope numbers to fill in a table from data analysis tool
      2. visualization of velocity and acceleration vectors   
    3. clarity of terms used velocity and speed = |velocity| and consistently use the same terms
    4. clarity in terms of learning goals, is it direction, velocity, gradient of s vs t, increasing/decreasing important? or is it just $ \frac{dy}{dt} = v $

    5. Region
      Direction of motion
      Velocity (Positive, Negative or Zero)
      Gradient of displacement-
      time graph (Positive, Negative or Zero)
      Position of velocity-
      time graph (Above, Below or Intersecting the horizontal axis)
      Above the horizontal axis
      Change direction
      Intersecting the horizontal axis
      Below the horizontal axis
    6. performance or learning goals with end in mind Understanding By Design
  2. contextual 
    1. video of real ball toss up
    2. video of an extension application problem bungee jump!
  3. engaging, 2 teachers or more to support technical, pedagogical and content  
  4. social, a commonly understood social structure (find partners near you etc) is needed to scaffold students' discussion  
    1. teachers are key to support discussions especially when learning is not happening as planned
  5. student centred, a balance is needed for teacher explicit instruction, demo show and tell in the reflection-closure lesson. 

Research principles:

  1. the pre-post test needs to be measure exactly from is taught explicitly in the treatment
  2. the form and format need to be on the e- format to compliment the e- treatment

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