Monday, February 10, 2014

RGS Tracker help in MacOSX

collection of video suitable for tracker video analysis
thanks to leongster for his care bear share.

Here's the instructions we gave students that you may find helpful if you want them to install tracker on their own mac machines and self learn how to use the tracker before coming to class.

  1. We are using the video tracker software in the next lesson
  2. Please install the video tracker software (making sure you install xuggle component when prompted) onto your macbook:
    1. Mac OS X
  3. Download the sample videoes from ttps:// under dynamics>kinematics
  4. Learn how to use the video tracker from here:
    1. Part 1 - Generating the graph: 
    2. Part 2 - Analysing the graph:
  5. Practice on generating the diplacement-time, velocity-time and acceleration-time graph.
  6. * Troubleshooting *
    1. Watch this youtube video:
  7. Links shown in video:
  8. troubleshooting using Mac
    1. If you have difficulty opening the .mov files:
    2. If the .mov file cannot open at 20%: re-install and restart
    3. If error message: “No video engine is installed. Without one, you can only open images (JPEG, PNG) and animated GIFs. “restart
    4. If you have damaged laptops currently under repair: Video tracker software version 4.8.4 will be installed in Magic Lab. The older version of the software is also available in Infocom Lab. You can try the activity using computers in these labs.