Friday, April 4, 2014

Overcome the Java Web Signature by adding exception site list

according to, there are workaround to run your favourite web deployed Java applets.

But my Java applets should not have these difficulties as in my Open Source Physics work, I normally allow you or anyone to download them as run locally in your hard drive.

Having said that, the new JavaScript models has and will continue to be runnable with no security threats associated to Java runtime on the web deployed mode.

  1. visit the website with the java applets you wish to explore for example
  2. click on and go to your Java Control Panel by navigating to Start Menu, Control Panel and click on the Java icon to run the Java Control Panel (note it requires Java runtime update 51 to have this feature)
  3. click on the Security Tab and add the website URL (the root form as that everything hosted on that URL will work in the future) for example by clicking on the Edit Site List Button and Add the website URL.
  4.  Agree to the security risk and click continue
  5. Your favourite Java web-deployed website works now like a charm
  6. Enjoy!