Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tracker Pre-Test by leongster

Vid 1:

Vid 2:

Vid 3:

Questions for students: https://www.edmodo.com

The video shows a ball bouncing on planet X.

The mass of the ball is 0.20 kg.

Using the video tracker software, analyze the vertical motion of the ball (horizontal analysis is not required).

Save your trk file as class_name eg. 316_leongtzekwang and submit the trk file to the edmodo assignment “tracker quiz”.

Answer the following questions based on your video analysis.

You are only required to analyze the vertical motion.

  1. What is highest speed of the ball throughout the duration of the video? [2]
  2. What is vertical velocity of the ball at the highest point after the first bounce? [1]
  3. What is acceleration of the ball at the highest point? [2]
  4. How long did the ball take to hit the floor from the time of release? [1]
  5. What is the maximum acceleration of the ball during the first bounce? [2]
  6. What is the maximum net force acting on the ball during the first bounce? [1]
  7. What is the maximum normal contact force by the floor on the ball at the point of impact? [1]