Monday, April 28, 2014

xmphysicdemo by Chua Kah Hean

thanks to for sharing his wonderful video to teach anyone Physics! hopefully i can use as much of his insights in a MOE publication


Chua Kah Hean


xmphysicdemo is a youTube channel that features videos of physics demonstrations related to A-level Physics.


Usually, a live demonstration is the best. But a filmed demonstration does have many advantages over a live one.

Slow motion

Many physics phenomena happen so fast our brains cannot register the event. High speed video is very helpful in these situations.

AC light:


Sometimes, all it takes is a few lines added through video editing to turn an ordinary video into an insightful one.

Projective motion:


Some demonstrations are more enjoyable and impactful with background music.

Water fountain:

Size issues

Many small size demonstrations are unsuitable for lectures because audience seated far away cannot see the necessary detail. Filming and playing the demonstration on the big screen solves the problem.

Tuning fork:

Logistical issues

Videos allow demonstrations involving heavy and bulky equipment to be brought to classrooms easily.

Magnetic force:

Demo on demand

Let’s face it. Many schools are well equipped with demonstration sets that are under-utilized due to various reasons. Demonstrations videos, on the other hand, are accessible to a global audience round the clock.


Media resource for lectures or tutorials

Demonstration on video are very effective resources for daily lessons. Many demonstrations are good triggers for discussion and teaching of new concepts.

Inquiry learning

What do we get when we pair URLs to videos of physics demonstrations, and well-designed probing questions? An inquiry learning worksheet.

Find out more from his website