Tuesday, May 6, 2014

RGS consultation for physics performance using tracker

RGS consultation for physics performance using tracker. Thanks Sharon for the post!
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Teachers: tzekwang.leong@rgs.edu.sg, cherkuan.thio@rgs.edu.sg, sharon.siow@rgs.edu.sg
Venue: Physics Dry Lab, Raffles Girl's School
Date: 08th May 2014
Time: 0730-0835
some sample mentoring on edmodo.
search for "tracker" posts :) http://weelookang.blogspot.sg/

bouncing ball video
author of video: natashataiqianhu, author of model: lookang (only for the first 3 bounces is added)

video by valary lim, kinematics model by lookang
1. explain why the model A is written as x = if(t<0.333,0.60*t,if(t>0.333,0.1998+0.15*(t-0.333),0))
2. explain why model B is written as x = if(t<0.333,0.205,0.205+0.44*(t-0.333+0.0333))