Monday, July 14, 2014

Learning Journey edulabAST Tracker

Learning Journey edulabAST Tracker

Date:14 july 2014
Time: 1230-1330 15 minutes
Presenter: Lawrence
2013 session:

Digital Library Tracker: 

  1. Step1 : Start Tracker from Windows Menu Start| All Programs | Tracker | Tracker
  2. In Tracker, click on the third icon "Open the OSP Digital Library Browser" and key in or
  3. Using the mouse and browse to the folder "02_newtonianmechanics_2kinematics", subfolder "trz", file name "ferrari accelerating crash" and launch the package by double clicking the resource name. Alternatively, you may type in the search field to locate any resource in this Singapore Open Source Physics Digital Library. (backup direct download)
  4. Play the video with the mass A (tracking a front position of the ferrari car zooming from left to right) and familiarize (as much as you can in this short presentation) yourself with the video and tracker software.
  5. The Kinematics Model A: is constructed based on evidences available on the video
  6. through moving the mouse cursor to the right panels with the scientific graphs and do a RIGHT-CLICK to produce the drop-down menu and select "Analyse"
  7. Select "Analyse" | Curve Fits | Line | and interpret the meaning of the Parameter A = 5.393E1 = 53.93 and B = -4.206E0 
  8. Remember to select only the region of data for the determination of the impact speed of the ferrari, assuming  it was accelerating.
  9. You may choose to explore how the constant vx model is created by clicking on the Model for constant vx

Learning Points from this experience

Practice 1: Ask questions
Practice 2: Use Models
Practice 5: Mathematical and Computational Thinking
Practice 8: Communications


  1. step1 : for Android and for iOS just search for the app in App Store using search word like "ejss"
  2. click on the cloud icon to browse to the internet and select the Singapore Digital Library
  3. all models are free for your students to download and interact with, where we the teachers can design activities for them to investigate on.


activity: Ferrari travelling at 140± 30 km/h Tracker
updated with inputs on length of FERRARI car travel to be 13.0± 1 m with table of data showing 9 frames ending at time t = 0.30 s
for more,


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  2. Wee L.K. Lee T.L. (2011) Video Analysis and Modeling Tool for Physics Education: A workshop for Redesigning Pedagogy at 4th Redesigning Pedagogy conference workshop on Video Analysis and Modeling for Physics Education, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore [PDF] to be available from NIE [PPT]arXiv:1207.0220[pdf]


 Ferrari crash: Physics teacher calculates that sports car was speeding at 140km/h 17 May 2012