Monday, July 21, 2014

National ICT Seminar Kranji Secondary

Event: National ICT Seminar
Title: Power-up your lessons with The ICT Connection and our ETD-Led Learning Communities!
Venue: Kranji Secondary
Date: 12 august 2014
Time: 1400-1700

The synopsis of the sharing for 3 sessions

Interested in how ICT can be used meaningfully in teaching and learning? Keen to access a lesson resource repository with good ICT lessons? Wish to connect with like-minded practitioners and learn from each other? Seek no further. We share with you a repertoire of ideas from the peer-reviewed lesson packages that reside in The ICT Connection and embark on the journey with our ETD-Led Learning Communities ( Mobilised Learning, Collaborative Mathematics, Digital Games-Based Learning), designing and implementing ICT-enabled lessons!

We have 4 presenters to share at various slots:

1) Mr Wee Loo Kang

2) Mr Yu Yoong Kheong

3) Mr Nelson Chong

4) Miss Oei Hun Ling

Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education.