Thursday, October 30, 2014

AAPTWM2015 Becoming Scientists Through Video Analysis by Ning Hwee Tiang

congrats to Ning Hwee Tiang. :)

Becoming Scientists Through Video Analysis by Ning Hwee Tiang

Becoming Scientists Through Video Analysis
Tue 01/06, 8:50AM - 9:00AM
by Hwee Tiang Ning
Type: Contributed
This sharing highlights how the Tracker Video Analysis and Modeling Tool is used as a pedagogical tool in the effective learning and teaching of kinematics of a falling ball to grade 9 students in a Singapore classroom. Implemented with an inquiry-based approach, lessons facilitated varied opportunities involving students in active learning -- obtain real data, engage in evidence-based discussions, make inferences, and create a model to explain how the physical world works, in their technology-enabled environment. Students improved in sense-making and relating abstract physics concepts to real life. This work stems from a project collaboration (of four schools and education technology department) aim to encourage students to learn while behaving like scientists, aligned with the K12 science education framework. It has afforded teachers professional learning experiences, to be reflective and lead in their teaching practices. Hide description