Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Sparks Quarter 3, 2014 issue, an Ministry of Education publication call us the sweet sixteen! I did realized there are 3 things that can improve the quality of the message.

User Experience:

  1. But the PDF is hardcoded where the texts and pictures cannot be copied.
  2. in the PDF , the words QS@MOE is not clickable?
  3. the email link does not bring to the correct page, instead it was


  1. re save the original DOCX as PDF instead of the printing as PDF which could have caused this hardcoding.
  2. same as 1, the hyperlink should work now
  3. edit to be

Thanks to OPAL highlights for Term 4, 2014!

Wonder who are the 16 wonderful service ambassadors who did MOE proud and are conferred the PS21 Star Service Award in 2014? Interested to read what the Guest Columnist, Mrs Chua Yen Ching – DyDGE (PD) and ED (AST) – has to say? Check it out at the latest issue of Sparks now!