Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Workplan edulab017

1. Pedagogical Design & Practice

Is there going to be further revision on the DP?

- If ‘yes’, why, and how do you intend to go about it? How many iterations of lesson enactment will there be?
living document, 2015 iterations with all 4 schools.

- if ‘no’, what is the focus in year 2? (e.g., practise the DP in regular lessons) Will there be further lesson observation by LDs?

How many schools, teachers and classes are involved? Is there any increase from 2014?

schools RGS, RVHS, NJC ES
teachers 1,       2,          1,    1
no increase, likely decrease

- If ‘yes’, what is the plan to initiate, develop and mentor teachers who are new to the project?

school based customised workshops for teachers in each school.
plus edulab@ast sharing.

- If ‘no’, why?

2. Research/ Study

What is the plan for research on learning gains, or impact study?

support each schools different needs, mentoring teachers while using/revising design principles to better assist others schools to adopt adapt the practices.

Is it a continuation from year 1, or on a fresh set of research questions? Why?


3. Communication /Reporting

What is the focus for the presentations at

- Networking Session


- EC meeting


Is there plan to present the project (design. Findings etc) at any other platforms (e.g., international conference, zonal seminar..)

  1. GIREP/MPTL19 Palermo Italy
  2. AAPTWM2015 San Diego, California, USA
  3. 7thIPSG2015 NYJC

4. Scaling

Is the project ready for scaling in year 2?

- If ‘yes’, how would you go about it? How many schools are you aiming for?

yes, based on request by school teachers.

- If ‘no’, why? How confident is the team that the project will be ready for scaling by the end of year 2?

5. Lesson Packages

Please work with the PI and co-PIs to submit at least one lesson package per project to the ICT Connection, and put yourself as one of the co-submitters.

S/No.Title OwnerRatings /CommentsViewed/DownloadedPublished OnCreated OnLast Modified
Learning Physics of Free Fall through Video Analysis& Modeling (Tracker)Edit Lesson Idea
In this lesson you will learn the fundamentals of free fall motion by video analysis (study various kinematics qualities such... 
Subjects : Physics
School : Evergreen Sec Sch
Tan Kim Kia
55 / 261-Apr-2014 (Tue)26-Mar-2014 (Wed)1-Apr-2014 (Tue)
Learning Physics of Kinematics through Video Analysis & Modeling (Tracker)Edit Lesson Idea
In this lesson you will learn the fundamentals of energy changes when a ball bounces by video analysis (study various... 
Subjects : Physics
School : National Junior College
Goh YingLun Allan
3 / 029-Jul-2014 (Tue)26-Mar-2014 (Wed)29-Jul-2014 (Tue)

2 more coming

6. Year-end Reports

Besides the Project Progress Report/Final Report to be completed by PIs and submitted to eduLab PMO, LDs are to report on their respective projects based on a template to be provided.

7. Networking session

· Objective: To scale the practices to more schools

· Date, time, venue (tentative): AST, 11 Mar 2015 PM
· Target audience: Representatives from potential adopting schools, Friends of eduLab, HOD ICT, etc
· Format (tentative): Each project will be provided with a pull-up banner (content to be provided by project team), and a space furnished with a few tables and chairs for sharing and discussion.
· Presenters: PIs and co-PIs of all eduLab projects (including completed ones)
More details will be communicated in due course.

8. Presentation at Evaluation Committee meeting

For projects that have not been reported at EC meeting before, the presentation will take place in mid-May 2015. Please guide the PIs in preparing for the 10-minute presentation. Get them to

focus on showcasing learning gains from the practices, using artefacts as far as possible.