Thursday, December 4, 2014

brief summary of EJS Workshop in Singapore

artefacts of performance

Title: Computational Modeling with Open Source Physics (OSP) Easy Java/JavaScript (EJSS) Simulations: Funded by eduLab NRF2011-EDU001-EL001 Java Simulations for Teaching and Learning

Date: November 25-28, 2014
Venue: Academy of Singapore Teachers,eduLab@AST Block J Level 4.
Leaders: Wolfgang Christian, Francisco Esquembre
Local Organizer: Wee Loo Kang Lawrence, Lye Sze Yee, Lee Tat Leong
Sponsor: Singapore Ministry of Education, National Institute of Education & National Research Foundation

1.Background of Visit

The purpose is to allow Singapore Teachers involved in this project to directly benefit from expert knowledge that the creators of Open Source Physics OSP and Easy Java/JavaScript (EJSS) Simulations research projects.

2) Activities

This 3.5 day workshop and consultations aims to provide a hands-on bootstrapping experience to the ComPADRE Open Source Physics (OSP) project and the Easy Java/JavaScript Simulations (EjsS) modelling and authoring tool. This 3.5-day workshop combines morning expositions and practical sessions where participants will work in teams/individually on computers provided by the organizers followed by afternoon one-on-one consultations with some references to NRF2011-EDU001-EL001 customized models and worksheets with the workshop leaders. Participants will study and explore, step by step, important computational and pedagogical examples, such as the gravitational N-body and the simple harmonic oscillator models, to learn how they have been implemented in EjsS, and then modify these examples to add new capabilities.

On Day 2 PM, CPDD Director, Deputy Director and Officers had a rich up close discussions on topics on the Student Leaning Space (Blended-Face to Face&Online Learning, Massive Online Open courses, Open educational Resources)  for Physics resource development, curation etc. 

3) Impact

As of 04 Dec 2014, out of 20 participants, there are 8+2=10 creator/users of models, 7 customisers and 1 starting a NIE-MOE grant and 2 yet to confirm their models.

This outstanding achievement is possible largely due to 
  1. skillful and inspiring teaching and facilitation by the consultants (see Facebook post by Leong Tze Kwang thanking them) 
  2. the high levels of motivation of the participants to create models that can be readily used in their own area of work. 
  3. the excellence service from the local organizers loo kang, sze yee and tat leong. 

Facebook post by Leong Tze Kwang November 30 ·
Prof Wolfgang and Paco didn't just teach us how to make amazing JavaScript applet but also inspire us to become better teachers. Thanks Lookang for organizing the workshop. I finally get down to work. Will start making more JavaScript applet. — with Lye Sze Yee,Thomas Yeu, Dave Lommen, Ezzy Chan, Loo Kang Lawrence Wee, Francisco Esquembre, Andy Luo Kangshun and Ng Boon Leong.

4) Follow-Up/Learning

We have achieved the aim to provide a hands-on bootstrapping experience for 20 participants (14 teachers, 5 HQ officers and 1 NIE researcher) to the ComPADRE Open Source Physics (OSP) project and the Easy Java/JavaScript Simulations (EjsS) modelling and authoring tool.

The benefits to teachers include 10 creating new models, 7 adopt and adapt EjsS material on ComPADRE for their own teaching and more advance teachers to teach physics using computer-based modeling.

Total funding cost is around S$ 15,000 from NRF, managed by NIE and MOE, for both professor’s 4 full days of workshop, consultation, public lectures at NIE5-LT12 and close up discussions with DCPD, DD Sc and their team of CRDO officers. The professional development for teachers/ HQ officers is high in terms of the artifacts of learning and networking with international world-best researchers. DCPD and DD Sc also glean insights to the student learning space creation and population of resources from day 2 PM rich discussions.

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