Thursday, December 4, 2014

MUST Watch, This will revolutionize education explained

MUST Watch, This will revolutionize education explained. An excellent video that deserve more views. Thank you Veritasium !


My take ways includes

Who Learn?

20 participants of the workshop

Why they learn?

The high levels of mental and hands-on efforts by the participants to create models that can be readily used in their own area of work

What they Learn?

computer modelling

What are teachers for?

Professor Wolfgang and Paco Francisco Esquembre, skillful and inspiring teaching and facilitation by the consultants (see Facebook post by Leong Tze Kwang thanking them). 

Facebook post by Leong Tze Kwang November 30 ·
Prof Wolfgang and Paco didn't just teach us how to make amazing JavaScript applet but also inspire us to become better teachers. Thanks Lookang for organizing the workshop. I finally get down to work. Will start making more JavaScript applet. — with Lye Sze Yee,Thomas Yeu, Dave Lommen, Ezzy Chan, Loo Kang Lawrence Wee,Francisco Esquembre, Andy Luo Kangshun and Ng Boon Leong.

the excellence service from the local organizers loo kang, sze yee and tat leong.