Monday, January 19, 2015

Becoming Scientist Meeting 03

Becoming Scientist Meeting 03
Date: 19 January 2015 Monday
Time: 1500-1730
Venue: RGS Photonic LabAgenda:

  1. Reflect about the 2014 meetings, lessons, achievements and area of improvements.
      Duration period
      Area of improvements
      Design Principle Document inputs
      300, 0 modeling
      Mar – June?
      Day 1 infusion of tracker
      friction model
      Inclined slope model

      6 to 8
      300, 0 modeling
      16 talent class will do
      Mar – June?
      Ppt only no docx
      Presentation is a rush 

      200, 9 modeling
      June - Aug?
      Tracker multiple representations
      see connection to realworld
      Plan model in dynamics curriculum time

      0* (6)
      0* (123)
      0* (3wks)
      Didnt force weaker students to pt
      Start with a even simper task like kinematics left to right

  2. GIREP2014 sharing by Tze Kwang 
  3. AAPTWM2015 sharing Ning
  4. Ideal Lesson sharing by lookang
    1. end to end integration of tracker (installation, use video analysis, dynamic particle modelling) to be infused throughout the curriculum year.
    2. assessment rubrics for students need to be better aligned to 8 practices of scientists
      1. Ask Own Question
      2. Develop Models (Tracker, fx = m*ax, ...progress to fx =  m*(-k*vx) for drag
      3. Plan video data collection ( fixed reference frame, tripod stand, visible marker etc)
      4. Analyse Data (Graphs)
      5. Mathematical Thinking ( different curve fit, linear parabolic etc) and Computational thinking ( fx = if ( vx>0, -k*vx, 0) to create frictional force -k*vx that acts only condition vx >0 for example.
        1. Falling Ball Model 
          1. initial values: vy =(0.221+0.2674)/2
          2. fy = (-10.07+(-4.998*2))/2
        2. Push n Constant Deceleration Model
        3. Dynamics: roller blading down a slope model (video by KoayTzeMin RGS sec3 student mentored by Leong Tze Kwang.
          1. variables used: g = 9,81, k =0.708
          2. initial values: vx = 1.384
          3. fx' = g*sin(5.7*pi/180)-k*vx
          4. fy' = 0
      6. Explain
      7. Argue with supported by evidence/facts with peers 
      8. Communicate
  5. Each school discuss school plan for this "becoming scientists" project
    1. rgs
    2. rvhs
    3. njc
    4. es
  6. invite lookang to observe as many times the process lessons to collect evidences
  7. equipment refreshed/distribute microSD for video taking/storage/sharing etc
  8. expenses
    1. invite Full Professors Douglas Brown and Wolfgang Christian to Singapore for a 4 day workshop during late October/early November 2015 or even Oct/Nov of 2016
    2. open journal papers   
      1. Sent American Journal of Educational Research Performance Task using Video Analysis and Modelling to promote K12 eight practices of science” in GIREP-MPTL 2014 International Conference "Teaching/Learning Physics: Integrating Research into Practice", July 7-12, 2014, Italy.
      2. Draft American Journal of Educational Research Ning's AAPTSM presentation
      3. Sent Physics Education - IOPscience Using Tracker as a Pedagogical Tool for Understanding Toss Up-Free Fall Motion
    3. other
  9. AOB

Invitation to Prof Douglas Brown

Dear Loo Kang,
Thank you for your kind invitation to be a workshop organizer. I would be pleased and honored to accept but unfortunately this coming March time frame is problematic as I have a prior commitment. I do very much wish to participate however, and wonder if a later date might be arranged?
I spoke with Wolfgang Christian and Francisco Esquembre about their recent workshop experience and they both spoke very highly about the quality of the participants and how well you organized it. Based on your goals and their input, I would like to explore the possibility of Wolfgang and I together leading a combined Tracker/EjsS/ComPADRE workshop in either late October/early November 2015 or even Oct/Nov of 2016 (these dates are the only ones for which Wolfgang is available). My participation would allow us to do more with Tracker than in your past workshops, Wolfgang is really an expert on ComPADRE, and your own extensive knowledge of EjsS, along with that of Wolfgang and myself, would enable us to offer a very comprehensive look at the OSP tools and curriculum development/distribution mechanisms.
Because of our long flight times and jet-lag recovery periods, I would suggest at least a 4-day workshop plus an extra day in advance for one-on-one consulting and workshop setup/testing.
I hope this suggestion is of interest to you. Thank you again!
Best regards,

Lawrence WEE (MOE) wrote:

Dear Professor Doug Brown,
Your reputation has long reached Singapore education physics community, especially with your Tracker tool. Your famous Tracker tool has benefited many physics teachers and students all over the world and well as is also well use by the research/academic including mine communities judging by the journal papers published using Tracker evident especially in recent years.

A small group 10+ Grade 9, teachers under the funding initiative called edulab, by National Research Foundation, managed by Ministry of Education Singapore and National Institute of Education cordially invites you to be a workshop organiser of Tracker, video analysis and modelling tool.

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to Singapore for about 2-4 days (length of workshop depends on your schedule) to continue to positively influence the Physics education in my country, Singapore.
The cost related to the workshop will be covered by the edulab funding such as (2 way airfare, accommodation, taxi, and honorarium)

This invite aims to seek your in-principle-consent to be a Workshop Organiser, much like Fu-Kwun Hwang, March 2013, Wolfgang and Francisco, Nov 2014 series of workshops.

Our project can be seen here and our Digital Library

Officially in Tracker as Shared Library