Monday, January 12, 2015

Collaborative Science Inquiry CSI

Collaborative Science Inquiry CSI is the structured ETD learning community that i am a member of now :)

Some key things to note:

1. Update of school sharing, engagement and PD sessions

Please update the info in 2015 to the following form, which tracks the unique schools and membership:

Loo Kang: Could I trouble you to work with Yiru to key in the data for the Physics Community? Thank you.

Ivy: Trouble you to key in some of our the previous engagements in 2014.

2. Compliments from teachers

My understanding is that we do need to capture any compliments from schools for the monthly updates so I would greatly appreciate if you could capture comments from the members in the following form:

It is a new one from the one which was sent to us as it would be easier for us to look through the feedback before sending it to the update. I have already given you editing rights.

3. Website

We explored the possibility of setting up a website which four of us could contribute to the blog posts related to our interest areas. This could be a means to add value to the resources in our community and will definitely help as we engage teachers in our sharing sessions. I understand that the 10C team uses and Loo Kang uses from google and Xiaoting uses for gamification elements, bearing in mind our needs:

  1. Ease of post and use (could even consider posts from the members of the community for increased ownership)
  2. Some basic tracking function/embed tracking via google form?
Yiru: Could I trouble you to look into this and let us know the more viable options? Maybe from the perspective of a science teacher and meeting his/her needs.

4. Workplan

I will take in the inputs from you and draft the workplan, which will be send to you in due time. Please let me know if you agree with the targets.