Thursday, January 22, 2015

good ideas to share when i lead a new team.

good ideas to share when one lead a new team.

Leadership is motivating and organizing a group towards a common goal.


signature product (open and free technology of education?) and service (remixing and contributing?)


Hard to nail but can be felt and influential on the way we behave (open culture)
open flat hierarchy debate but support after meeting (get enough hierarchy to get the job done and not excessive until is burdens the team)


others divisions as siblings
One organisation
Collaborate with cousins
Benefit students, teachers, myself and something bigger.



asks: ''What are we doing well and need to keep doing as a leadership team/Governing Body in order to achieve our vision?'' What do we keep doing


asks: ''What are we already doing that could be improved to make us as a team even more effective, efficient and better?'' What do we improve on


asks: ''What do we need to start doing that we haven't been doing or that other leadership teams/Governing Bodies do to have a greater level of success?'' Easy to do


asks: ''What do we need to stop doing either because it no longer contributes to the overall school vision or is no longer effective?'' Hardest to do. What do we stop doing. stack ranking?