Saturday, January 24, 2015

URGENT Proofs from Phys. Educ. - PED/508005/PAP/265818

Page 1
Please check any redrawn figures carefully, making sure that all graphics and text that should be present in the figures are accurately represented.
Page 3
The sense of the sentence ‘Note that for the special case …’ is unclear, please rewrite.

the systems would have both the non-decaying transient and steady state amplitudes, thus, the steady-state amplitude is impossible to reach regardless of time allowed to run for,  therefore we used the theoretical steady state as stored maximum amplitudes values.

Page 7
Please check the details for any journal references that do not have a link as they may contain some incorrect information.

Page 7
Please provide conference date for references [10, 12.]
date for [10] is 11th-13th September 2013
date for  [12] is 04th- 06th July 2011 

Additional changes suggested:
Page 2 
ages 18–19 should be ages 17–18
Page 3 text below equation (3) ending with
natural frequencyfo. should be natural frequency fo.
Page 6
K12 should be K-12