Wednesday, January 14, 2015

warm my heart from prof ajoy

it warms my heart to know that somewhere in the world, people (Emeritus Professor of Physics Ajoy Ghatak) are using my works for improving education, as far away as India!


My reponse 1

dear dr ajoy,
thank you for the email to inform me.
i give you and anyone else the permission to reuse the works in this email licensed copyright under the creative commons attribution.
pls add the following lines as attribution

link to the resources used: depends on where u found them.
author: lookang, fu-kwun hwang
author of EJSS 5.0 Francisco Esquembre


response 2

Dear prof ajoy,

You may wish to download all my ejs, trz files here and make animation of them J

Do take note to attribute each resource/model as accurately as possible, the only license requirement for creative commons attribution.

for example

bug fixed in convex len light travels in correct direction when image is virtual thanks to
author: lookang based on the works of fu-kwun hwang

My address is Ministry of Education • 1 North Buona Vista Drive, Singapore 138675
Just one copy of the book will be great!

Hope you are inspired to help to advance education practices around the world!