Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Letter 9 for representatives of GIREP


Letter no. 9 to all national representatives of GIREP

February 3rd, 2015

Dear representatives of GIREP

We are now in full preparation of the next GIREP-EPEC conference taking place from July 6 until July 10 in Wroclaw, Poland.

The early bird registration is open now, and the registration fees are kept very low:

At you can see:

· Early registration (to 14th February)

GIREP, AAPT, EPS members – 175 € (750 pln)

Regular fee – 200 € (860 pln)
Students fee – 120 € (520 pln)
Accompanying person – 80 € (340 pln)

· Regular registration (from 15th February to 6th May)

GIREP, AAPT, EPS members – 200 € (860 pln)
Regular fee – 225 € (970 pln)
Students fee – 120 € (520 pln)
Accompanying person – 80 € (340 pln)

Also accommodation can be very cheap if you wish, starting from 30€ per night. Look at the same page at the bottom.

Another main issue is the teacher pre-conference. At the moment we have 6 workshops booked, 3 times two in parallel. Maybe we will have even more by then. As it is a pre-conference, it takes place on Sunday afternoon the 5th of July (two sessions), and Monday morning 6th of July (third session). The workshops aim at communicating innovative initiatives, tools and materials, linked to research and outcomes of big EU projects. On the page you can see that prices are also kept very low: 30€ for all sessions.

Again, announcements of all these ongoing initiatives on websites are very welcome. Please make sure you make a link to, which is now in full operation.

Of course, a conference is all about communicating new knowledge based on research to the physics education community. So please do motivate people to hand in abstracts for oral presentations, poster presentations, conference workshops and symposia. This is the key activity of this conference!

Once again a call to write a short note (one paragraph is enough) for the GIREP newsletter: some need-to-know news, or even nice-to-know news is welcome. Something worthwhile mentioning to the physics community worldwide.

Again, thank you very much for everything!

Wim Peeters

Vice-president of GIREP.