Friday, March 27, 2015

Anglican high school symposium 2015

Anglican high school symposium 2015
Date: 27 March 2015
Venue: 600 Upper Changi Road, 487012
Time: 1330-1730

Kim Kia paper is accepted

thing to do

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for taking time and effort to share at the 2nd Anglican High National Symposium on 27 March(Fri).

Appreciate if you can take note of the following important information for all presenters:

1. Time to report

Pls report at 12.45 pm at the AVT Level 1 in AHS.
You will be shown the venues for your presentations so that you can run through your slides before joining the rest of the participants in the Hall at 1:45 pm.
Presenters are to be seated at the front row of seats in the Hall to facilitate your movement to the stage to receive certificates of appreciation & participation.

2. What to bring

Pls bring your own laptop and slides which you will be using. Do set up your laptop and slides in the allocated venue of the concurrent session. A TA will be on standby if you encounter any problem.

Do bring along any other materials including the right number of hand-outs that presenters may wish to print for the participants.

3. The list of venues for the concurrent sessions is found in the attachment together with the number of participants as of 20 March, today.
Concurrent Sessions I (3.30 – 4.10 pm)
A7 Anglican High Physics Physics Flipped Classroom and Thinking Routine
25 Rm 4D
Mr Cheah Chien Lead
Mdm Hidayah

Concurrent Sessions II (4.15 – 5.15 pm)

B7 Evergreen Sec Physics Real World Physics Experience with 'Tracker' Video Analysis
10 Rm 4C 
Mr Goh Chee Wee 
Mr Tan Kim Kia
Mr Wee Loo Kang (

4. Feel free to email me if you have any queries with regards to the logistics of the presentations.

5. The organising committee is deeply appreciative of your support of the 2nd Anglican High National Symposium and once again, a big thank you to all presenters.

6. We look forward to an afternoon of rich sharing and learning from all of you.