Thursday, April 9, 2015

EducampSG6 Lawrence – Why Open Education Resource?


Ngee Ann Polytechnic on 

April 02 2015

Lawrence – Why Open Education Resource? Lawrence is at and @lookang on twitter.

points made:


  1. Vision - Open Source Physics Digital Library, 
  2. Reason - Benefit all humankind, 
  3. Emotion - Feel so alive everyday doing and reviewing, i made Open Educational Resources a must instead of a should.This identity defines who and what i must do. I live who i believe i am. raising standards and having ritual make the vision real, by doing small successes each day - Tony Robbins. 

Why Open Education Resource?

  1. Believe in good people
  2. Life Hack to be great at work with the vision, reason and emotion to do good.

Resource 1 Shared free simulations with modeling pedagogy added. All can be found here 

model X = t suggests you know how to use kinematics equation of s=ut+12at2 where initial velocity u =1 and acceleration a = 0
EJSS Kinematics Model by lookang, based on models and ideas from Fu-Kwun, Andreu Glasmann, Wolfgang Christian, and Mario Belloni
authors: lookang, Fu-Kwun, Andreu Glasmann, Wolfgang Christian, and Mario Belloni (thanks Sivasothi)
using itunes producer to submit error free epub to iBook store
from itunes iBook using US account to download store

ways to open this 
  1. iOS iBook app
  2. Android Gitden Reader App
  3. ChromeWeb Extension Readium


Hope i have inspired you to do likewise for your own area of interest (work) using the simple framework to understand why ordinary people can do to achieve phenomena success. Fill in your own below! Enjoy :)
  1. Vision - __________________, 
  2. Reason - __________________________, 
  3. Emotion - ________________________________.