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Open Invitation to participate in Modelling enabled Interactive e-Chapters for Simple Harmonic Motion and Gravity A Level Physics NRF2016-EDUxxx-ELxxx

Open Invitation to participate 

Title:Modelling enabled Interactive e-Chapters for Simple Harmonic Motion and Gravity A Level Physics NRF2016-EDUxxx-ELxxx

Dear Singapore Physics JC teachers

  1. Peng Poo (AJC), 
  2. Chee Wah and Soo Kok (IJC), 
  3. Kian Wee and Daniel (ACJC), 
  4. Bee Chan and Felix (NJC), 
  5. Thomas (MJC), 
  6. Eng Yeow (VJC), 
  7. Chee Tiong (SRJC), 
  8. Dave (HCI), 
  9. Shirley (NYJC), 
  10. Edwin (PJC), 
  11. Guan Kheng  (RI), 
  12. Lai Chai (SAJC), 
  13. Ivan (TPJC), 
  14. Allan (TJC) and 
  15. Syn Lynn (CJC).
  16. Jimmy (YJC) 
complete set :)

Title:Modelling enabled Interactive e-Chapters for Simple Harmonic Motion and Gravity A Level Physics NRF2016-EDUxxx-ELxxx

Funding: Edulab project by MOE-NIE-NRF
Time: Jan-Dec 2016.
Varying degree of Participation: Loose (use as teacher see fit, supplementary material) Tight ( integration to Lecture- tutorial - Lab with Lawrence ETD's help)

Any interest to participate in this eduLab project involving the use of interactive Physics chapters on Simple Harmonic Motion (link below ) and Gravity ( ready soon by end May 2015)?

See the eduLab 8 slides (attached) for the project proposal.

Things to note:

  1. Your school may get some (25-50) Android 8-10 inch devices to trial the lessons, end of edulab, school keep the devices.
  2. Participating officially may give you the time to work on improving this educational practice
  3. Ideally at least one co-PI in each school, it gives the innovative chapter it heightens chance of being adapted and improved upon in each school.
  4. the source codes for simulations and texts are open sourced, allowing your school teachers to lead a more customized text chapter that suits your needs. Or else, just use the one i make with your edits.
  5. I will be the principal investigator PI of this project, eduLab has allowed MOEHQ personnels to lead
Please contact me at 6879 6526 or 92475573 to firm up the details latest by 01 May 2015.

Many Thanks to Jimmy Goh HODSc for kindly allowing me to use the YJC lectures notes as the base materials for the e-chapters.

The epub interactive chapter on SHM and Gravity are here

  1. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44365627/lookangEJSworkspace/export/SHMibook_20150303.epub
  2. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44365627/lookangEJSworkspace/export/20150427gravityfinal2.epub

Software to read epub3 ways to open this

  1. iOS iBook app https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/ibooks/id364709193?mt=8
  2. Android Gitden Reader App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gitden.epub.reader.app&hl=en
  3. ChromeWeb Extension Readium https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/readium

My demo youtube


My youtube explaining how to create epub3 files.


My digital library of simulations and tracker video


My future/current/previous eduLab research/project includes

  1. Becoming Scientists through Video Analysis  NRF2013-EDU001-EL017
  2. Java Simulation Design for Teaching and Learning NRF2011-EDU001-EL001 
  3. SSTRF Gravity-Physics by Inquiry Senior Specialist Track Research Fund
  4. Modelling enabled Interactive e-Chapters for Simple Harmonic Motion and Gravity A Level Physics NRF2016-EDUxxx-ELxxx
  5. Open Source Physics Learning Community with Gavin and David, NIE NRF2016-EDUxxx-ELxxx
  6. mini-eduLab crowd sourcing with Beng Chong and Hon Jia, NIE. NRF2016-EDUxxx-ELxxx

In case your are wondering why i am doing this. My dream is to advance Open Educational Resource (OER) for benefit of all.


Mr WEE Loo Kang Lawrence

(SETS) Senior Educational Technology Specialist, 14-38, Technologies For Learning Branch, Educational Technology Division • Tel: +65 6879 6526 • Fax: +65 6872 0208
Ministry of Education • 1 North Buona Vista Drive, Singapore 138675 • http://www.moe.gov.sg
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What is eduLab?

Dear colleagues,

eduLab is an MOE-NIE initiative supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF). It is a key programme under the Masterplans for ICT in Education with the objective of surfacing and spreading ground-up ICT innovations for learning.

If you have ideas to improve students’ learning with ICT and need funding to try out the ideas, please apply for eduLab. You will be supported by ETD officers throughout the eduLab journey, and develop your competencies to design meaningful and appropriate ICT-enabled, student-centred learning experiences and environments.

More details on the eduLab Call for Proposal 2015 are available in the attachment and the eduLab website.

Please remember to submit your proposal before 4 May 2015.

Thank you.