Saturday, May 9, 2015

Nush physics seminar

I registered.

PES E-Registration

Dear Mr Lawrence wee loo kang,

Details of the 3rd Physics Education Seminar
Date: 23rd Jun 2015 (last Tuesday of Jun holidays)
Time: 9.00 AM
Venue: NUS High School, 20 Clementi Avenue 1, Singapore 129957

You've successfully registered to attend the following event(s)

Concurrent Session:
Active Learning of Physics in NYGH
Learning Journey:
The Mechanobiology Institute, NUS

Please take note of the following:
Lunch provided is halal. If you have any other special dietary requirements please inform Mr Hariz Tan ( via email by 10 Jun.
Parking is available in the school on a first-come-first-served basis. Once the school carpark is full, alternate parking is available at nearby Clementi Casa(HDB parking)
2-way transport will be provided for learning journeys.
For any other queries please contact Mr Hariz Tan at: