Monday, June 15, 2015

i in Practice MOE publications

These PDF make great resource for scholars, visitors and school teachers, leaders etc during #ictlt2016.
In order for me to share such Ministry of Education Technology documents, they would have to be open access, no login, no password. enjoy!

Those in yellow highlights are by me :) and only time can tell how evergreen these ICT Information, Communication and Technology practices.

  1. Volume 1 Full PDF:i in Practice.pdf
    1. 10รข€™ CMT_PG7-11_lr.pdf
    2. 1747_I_InPractice 2014_lr.pdf
    3. Automated Marking Tool for English Essays_PG12-16_lr.pdf
    4. Collaborative Science Inquiry_PG17-22_lr.pdf
    5. Collaborative Thinking Routines in 1-1 Computing Learning Environments_PG23-28_lr.pdf
    6. Digital Game-Based Learning_PG29-33_lr.pdf
    7. Digital Storytelling_PG34-39_lr.pdf
    8. Mathematics PlaySpace ( MaPS)_PG40-44_lr.pdf
    9. Mobile Learning_PG45-51_lr.pdf
    10. Multimodal Literacy_PG52-57_lr.pdf
    11. Open Source Physics_PG58-63_lr.pdf
    12. Participatory Learning in Mathematics_PG64-69_lr.pdf
  2. Volume 2 Full PDF: I in Practice 2014_V2.pdf
    1. Adaptive Learning and Diagnostic Assessment_PG5-10_lr.pdf
    2. Critical Viewing_PG11-15_lr.pdf
    3. Digital Inquiry-based Learning Trails for Science Field Investigations PG16-22_lr.pdf
    4. POGO- Creating Poets on the Go!_PG23-30_lr.pdf
    5. Read & Share@MyBookShop_PG31-37_lr.pdf
    6. Scientific Inquiry with Knowledge Building and Virtual Laboratories_PG38_45_lr.pdf
    7. Students as Designers with Scratch_PG46-51_lr.pdf 
  3. Volume 3 Full PDF: 2853_In Practice 2014_V3_lr.pdf
    1. 05_13_Assessment for Learning with ICT_lr.pdf
    2. 14_20_Inductive Reasoning for Learning_lr.pdf
    3. 21_28_Video conferencing for Blended Learning_lr.pdf
    4. 29_35_Games for Learning_lr.pdf
    5. 36_41_3D Printing for Learning_lr.pdf
    6. 42_50_Apps for Learning_lr.pdf
    7. 51_56_Multimedia for Learning_lr.pdf
    8. 57_63_Robotics for Learning_lr.pdf