Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wide open spaces by valuescolleges.con

This is an interesting summary of open education and things coming. I agree with this idea of wide open spaces as the main content for education. Just look at the success of Wikipedia! It is definitely WOS.
Pros and Cons of Open Education
Source: ValueColleges.com
“Wide Open Spaces: the Pros and Cons of Open Education.

I came across some of your blog posts and thought you’d be interested in this infographic about open education we recently published on Value Colleges:
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Alibina Burn

Description of IG: - Open education is defined as, “the institutional practices and initiatives that broaden access to learning and training through formal education systems”. The two main systems of open education is Open Educational Resources and Massively Open Online Courses. Learn just how hugely open education is catching on. The pros of open education lie with it being more iterative and interactive with online communities, live feedback, student services and more. Regardless of educational background and history, only about 4% of students actually complete an entire MOOC. In the future there will be better ways to identify students and enhance the instructional quality of the programs. 75 percent of students said they enrolled in a MOOC because it was free and nearly half said they would take another course if it cost a small amount, but only 18 percent were willing to pay a larger sum. University presidents have different views on open education, most agreeing that it can foster creative pedagogical studies.