Monday, August 24, 2015

Primary Level Template About


  1. measure to obtain a reading from a suitable measuring instrument
  2. Skills Engaging with an event, phenomenon or problem through:
  3. Collecting and presenting evidence through:
    1. Observing This is the skill of using our senses to gather information about objects or events. This also includes the use of instruments to extend the range of our senses. 
    2. Using apparatus and equipment This is the skill of knowing the functions and limitations of various apparatus, and developing the ability to select and handle them appropriately for various tasks. 


Play with the Mass Scale Model. Test what you've learned by trying the input field.
This Mass Scale Model allows the skills of reading from a circular scale of a typical weighing scale. The three options available allows for student's own testing of the different scales with different decimal places of precision appropriate in each scale's smallest division.

Common misconceptions

Students typically can tell masses of whole numbers such as 600 g, but to be able to type in 0.60 kg requires some understanding of decimal places.

Sample Learning Goals

(g) describe how to measure a variety of masses with appropriate accuracy by means of weighing scales.