Friday, October 23, 2015

My Specialists' Year-End Report 2015

My Specialists' Year-End Report 2015 is #openaccess for my own personal growth and #opendata supporting a #smartnation initiative by Singapore government.

Representations on MOE & Cross-Divisional Committees

  1. Curriculum Review for 3 Committees on 
    1. H1(on-going) Advanced Level Physics 2014-onward
    2. H2 (ended this year) Advanced Level Physics 2014-onward
    3. H3 (new) Advanced Level Physics 2014-onward
  2. Physics Chapter 2012-onward
  3. Senior Specialist Human Resource Committee 2014-onward

Reviewer of Projects and Papers

  1. Reviewer of 16 papers in ICTLT2016, chair of conference papers assigned 362 papers to 18 NIE, 60+ ETD officers to review papers



  1. Douglas Brown, Christian Wolfgang and Loo Kang Wee 4 day eduLab workshop: Tracker/Open Source Physics/ComPADRE Workshop for Singapore Teachers 
  2. Loo Kang Wee, 20th International Conference on Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning, Munich, Germany Creating Electronic Chapters for Computers and Tablets using Easy Java/JavaScript Simulations, EjsS Modeling Tool


  1. Ning Hwee Tiang, Wee Loo Kang, Growing scientists via video analysis: Singapore science teacher conference 2015 11-13 November Science Centre 
  2. Tan Kim Kia, Wee Loo Kang, Leong Tze Kwang, Bringing Real World Physics Experience to Classrooms Through Video Analysis and Modelling, Singapore science teacher conference 2015 11-13 November Science Centre 
  3. Wee Loo Kang, Invited Trainer: Hwa Chong Institution Workshop 2015 Computational Modeling with Easy Java/JavaScript Simulations & Open Source Physics 
  4. Wee Loo Kang, Invited Trainer: Tracker Modelling at Nanyang Girl High, sec 4 physics Olympiad 
  5. Wee Loo Kang, EducampSG6– Why Open Education Resource? @Ngee Ann Poly 
  6. Wee Loo Kang, Invited speaker: Creative commons introduction #edsg @Ngee Ann Poly 
  7. Wee Loo Kang, Trasi 41152 Open Educational Resources OER and Open Source Physics OSP Simulations 
  9. Wee Loo Kang, Leong Tze Kwang, Ning Hwee Tiang, Tan Kim Kia, Chan Him Nok, TRAISI Code: 41133 edulab017 workshop 2015 BECOMING SCIENTISTS THROUGH VIDEO ANALYSIS 
  10. Wee Loo Kang, 5th Singapore International Science Challenge SISC @National JC, Singapore OSP Digital Library 
  11. CSI-LC: Special Networking Session for Science LT/ST and LC members 
  12. Wee Loo Kang, eduLab@AST learning journey: Pepperdine doctoral students (Learning Technology) from Pepperdine University 
  13. Tan Kim Kia, Goh Chee Wee, Wee Loo Kang, Anglican high school symposium 2015, Real World Physics Experience with Tracker Video Analysis
  14. Wee, Loo Kang. (2015). Computer Modeling Pedagogy using Tracker, 7th IPSG Sharing session for A-Level Physics educators, Nanyang JC 

Publications and Papers

Peer Review Journal Articles

  1. Wee, Loo Kang, Lee, Tat Leong, Chew, Charles, Wong, Darren, & Tan, Samuel. (2015). Understanding resonance graphs using Easy Java Simulations (EJS) and why we use EJS. Physics Education, 50(2), 189. 
  2. Wee, Loo Kang, Tan, Kim Kia, Leong, Tze Kwang, & Tan, Ching. (2015). Using Tracker to understand ‘toss up’ and free fall motion: a case study. Physics Education, 50(4), 436. 
  3. Wee, Loo Kang, & Leong, Tze Kwang. (2015). Video Analysis and Modeling Performance Task to Promote Becoming Like Scientists in Classrooms. American Journal of Educational Research, 3(2), 197-207. 
  4. Chew, Charles, & Wee, Loo Kang. (2015). Use of Blended Approach in the Learning of Electromagnetic Induction Science Teachers' Association of Western Australia SCIOS Journal, XX(X), XXX. 

MOE publications

  1. Wee, Loo Kang, Robotics for Learning, I in Practice volume 3, Ministry of Education 
  2. Wee, Loo Kang. Multimedia-Video for Learning, I in Practice volume 3, Ministry of Education 


  1. Wee, Loo Kang (2015). Research NewsLetter What is going on in Singapore: Groupe International de Recherche sur l'Enseignement de la Physique«International Research Group on Physics Teaching Newletter 56_2015 page 10 

Lead in Translation Research Projects

  1. Wee, Loo Kang & Tan, Ching (2014-15). NRF2013-EDU001-EL017, Becoming scientists through video analysis with with RGS-RVHS-NJC-Evergreen Sec-ETD. 
  2. Wee, Loo Kang (2016) NRF2015-EDU001-EL021, Modelling-Inquiry enabled Interactive Textbook with ETD-YJC-CPDD-RVHS-IJC-VJC. 
  3. Gavin Fuller, David Hung, Christine Lee, Wee Loo Kang Lawrence, Lyna Kwan.(2015-2017) NIE Education Research Funding Programme (ERFP) 13thGrant 32945: Understanding Teacher Learning Communities as Support for Implementation of Computer Simulations for Physics Conceptual Instruction. 

Provision of Consultancy to schools & HQ Divisions

  1. Singapore Teaching Model co-writer with AST team on “Introducing the Lesson” and “Arousing and Sustaining Interests”
  2. Pei Hwa Sec teacher(s) customization of Thin Lens and Intensity Light Ray Physics Models
  3. MasterTeachers and West Zone COE collaboration 
  4. Emeritus Professor of Physics Ajoy Ghatak, India, for his textbook 


  1. Award 2015:  Associate of Academy of Singapore Teachers in recognition of your significant contributions to the professional development of fellow MOE officers.
  2. Nomination 2015: UNESCO King Hamid Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize for the Use of ICTs in Education 2015
  3. TFL PD: Million Dollar Question: What National Examinations Reforms should be made and how may technology be leveraged?