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Getting more from GAFE (Advanced) by Jay Atwood

Trainer: Jay Atwood
Trainer: Suan Yeo @suaneu Google Education Evangelist--

Liaison Officer: Lawrence Wee Loo Kang @lookang

Event: EDTECH STUDIO Pre Conference #ictlt2016
Org/Vendor: Google
Product/ Technology: Google Drive (Spreadsheets, Forms, Add­Ons), Google Classroom
Title: Getting more from GAFE (Advanced)
Key points: Workflow Management Tool, Student Engagement, Manual Process Automation
Target Audience: Educators/ 30 pax
Learning Environment: BYOD Bring Your Own Devices and use Chrome
Duration: 3 hrs
Time: 2 to ­ 5 p.m.
Date: 28 March 2016
Venue: Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) TRAINING ROOM 08@MRC (BLK B LEVEL 2)
Number: 30 Participants
Google Logistics: training materials, slides, hands-outs, self-transport logistics equipment if any
iCTLT Logistics Provided: 6 Wifi Dongle, 6 Extension Cord, x35 PrintsOut from Google if any.
Participants: Please bring the following: - Laptops,  Identification pass for entering AST.
Program Takeaway available? No
Any additional Materials (other than the program takeaway) to print? No
Briefing slide for me :

Program Structure:

Your school may have gone Google, and you are now asking: “What’s next?”. This session will focus on getting more from Google Drive (Spreadsheets, Forms, Add­Ons) and tackling Google Classroom, the newest addition to the GAFE suite. Attendees will have an opportunity to create their own templates and even learn basic scripting which they can then bring back to school to automate previously  manual  processes.  Google  Classroom  is  a  workflow  management  tool  for  teachers  to  engage  with  their  students,  set assignments and share information freely within their class in a digital format.


  • 2:00- 2:05pm: Introduction to workshop Context setting and social media sharing by MOE personnel 5 mins 
  • 2:05-­ 3:30pm: Google Forms, Spreadsheets and Add­Ons 
    • Learn how to maximise your use of Google Sheets, manipulate data and use it to draw conclusions. Generate ideas on how you and your students and use Forms and Sheets more effectively to learn. We will also be exploring some of the  most  used  Add­ons 
    •  for  teachers  and  students.  You  will  leave  with  practical  ideas  and  inspiration  for  your classroom and life.
  • 3.30-3.45 Tea Break
    • 3:45- 4.50pm: Google Classroom 
      • Come explore how to set this up for your class. Have a centralised place to post learning resources and assignments that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device. You will need to have a Google Apps for Education domain in order to have access to Classroom, it is not available on personal (consumer) Gmail accounts
    • 4.50-5.00 Questions and Answer and Survey

      Programme synopsis:

      Basic scripting to automate recurring processes and creating a workflow management platform to engage students are two aspects that teachers often explore. They provide opportunities for educators to  enhance productivity and create a central repository to post learning resources and assignments that can be ubiquitously accessed. In this workshop, participants will explore some of the add-ons application and setting up of a virtual learning and teaching platform. Practical ideas that are harnessed from the teacher users will be shared with the participants. (82 words)

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