Wednesday, March 30, 2016

iCTLT2016 e Poster 22 Resonance Simulation and more

iCTLT2016 e Poster 23 Resonance Simulation and more

suggested specification for more engaging electronic poster

  1. Use 16x9 aspect ratio instead of the usual 4x3 given template. download my template here
  2. Use Camtasia (require admin rights to install software) of video capturing software instead of using just Powerpoint (default program in microsoft office, no need to install) to save as a video in wmv format, in High Definition , 3 minutes self running video clip, file size should be 50 to 100 Mb, depending on the actual poster materials. 
  3. Add some humor into the poster, people want to be entertained instead of just information transmission in a passive manner
  4. add some hands-on where participants can truly call this an interactive e-poster
  5. can bring something back like a URL to my simulation for example would be great to remember the ictlt conference 2016.


e-Poster Exhibition - A novel concept that is being introduced in iCTLT 2016 is the Electronic Poster, or e-Poster. An e-Poster utilizes a digital device(s) to display multimedia versions of a traditional printed poster. It enhances visualization to attract the interest of the audience; i.e. by embedding multimedia content, along with static elements, such as titles, logos, and summaries; or by including dynamic visual elements like videos, slide shows, animated charts or graphs, scrolling text, or 3D rotation of a model. Each self-explanatory e-Poster is allocated a maximum of 3 minutes with content (i.e. a maximum of 15 slides) that is set to play automatically without any audio output. There will be two 30-minute poster sessions on Day 1 of the Main Conference for the presenters to engage in face-to-face discussion with the audience. Focus of an e-Poster should be on how teaching and learning has been enhanced with technology. Interested presenters may like to find out more about creating e-Posters here.

Technical Specifications: 
  1. Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
Video Player (Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, VLC) Recommended video formats (recommended dimensions: 1280x720): 
  1. MPEG4-AVC using H.264/AAC (.mp4) 
  2. Windows Media Video (.wmv) 
  3. AVI (.avi) – a limited number of CODECs are supported 
  4. MOV (.mov) – QuickTime movies are the least compatible and are discouraged 



Google Slides

{source} {/source}

upload to

presenters for e-Posters to upload their materials at




For ePoster Exhibition, there are 2 presentation sessions, where the presenters will have interaction time with delegates.In each session, only a maximum of 2 presenters for each ePoster can be present at the screen assigned.
Testing and Being Familiar with the Setting

Details of Reporting
Date : 30st March 2016
Time : 8.00 a.m.
Venue : Suntec Level 4 Future Space
ETO i/c : Ms Junice Teo

Time Table

Please find below the schedule of your ePoster Presentation:

Title of ePosters
1100h to 1130h
1000h to 1030h
Learning Chemistry with wRiteFormula
Promoting Reading of Chinese Books through Teachers’ Modelling and Students’ Participation in Online Community for Reading
Understanding resonance graphs using Easy Java Simulations (EJS) and why we use EJS
Sustaining Professional Learning for Technology Use in the Classroom
Collin’s World: Applying Digital Game Design Principles to Build Empathy and Peer Support Skills
Transforming Culture of Learning in the Digital Age
Teaching and Learning Guidelines for the Use of ICT in Pre-school Centres
1500h to 1530h
1530h to 1600h
Digital Journaling in Design and Technology
Predicting performance using smart data from e-learning for timely intervention
Use ICT and "DOUHAO" Newspaper to Learn the Skill of Giving Opinios
Digital Media Creators of the Future - Fun With Coding
Smarter School: Using ICT to improve work processes
Creating Conditions, Building Culture: Leveraging Technology and Data to Transform Character and Cognitive Holistic Assessment and Management for Developing Future Ready Student.

           Important : Please report at the venue at least 10 minutes before the scheduled session.


During the session, you will need to

  1. interact with the delegates
  2. answer any queries
  3. share verbally any other insights

Note that the ePoster will not be able to pause at any point in time during the 30 minutes face-to face session.

3. Engagement in Twitter

Before, during or after the session, you may want to engage the delegates with the Twitter #ictlt2016 community.

Do include #ictlt2016 and @lookang (your Twitter handle, if any) in your tweets.

4. If you need further clarifications, please contact Ms Junice Teo at Email :

5. Wishing all an enriching learning experience in iCTLT 2016.

6. Thank you J