Monday, May 16, 2016

MPTL 2015 --- Proceedings Creating Electronic Books-Chapters for Computers and Tablets Using Easy Java/JavaScript Simulations, EjsS Modeling Tool

preparing for the reply to revise the paper doc and pdf for

Dear Loo Kang Lawrence,

Your submission no. 14 has been accepted for the Proceedings of the 20th MPTL Conference.
Attached you will find your submission with remarks by a native English speaking professional editor.
Please consider revising your paper according to these suggestions.
However, although the editor owns a PhD degree in physics, he has no expertise in physics education.
Thus, please check all comments critically.

Please send me your revised submission back via e-mail in a word file until May, 13.
Additionally, please send me all figures in the best available resolution in separate files.

Comments by the editor:
The writing seems a bit personalized (e.g. Use of the first person, reference to writers experience) -it's important to focus on the perspective of the reader.
Sentences were too long and needed to be broken up. It's important to try to focus on explaining just one idea in a sentence before starting another sentence for the next idea.

Comments by referee 1:

Dear Authors,
this is a great and very informative paper, and a joy to read. I learned a lot from it.
However, there are some minor spelling mistakes I would please you to correct.
In the caption describing Figure 4, you should replace "scaffolds" with "supporting". I guess that is closer to your intention.

Thank you in advance and best regards,