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Curriculum Review for 3 Committees on H1(on-going) H2 (ended this year) and H3 (new) Advanced Level Physics

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Purpose and Value of Physics

Physics is a fundamental science which is concerned with understanding the natural world. A small number of basic principles and laws can be applied to explain and predict a wide range of physical events and phenomena. The fundamental theories of physics form the bedrock of many modern technologies and are responsible for practical applications in and the advancement of several different fields of science and technology. H2 Physics exposes students to the science process skills of investigation, reasoning, analysis and evaluation, which are transferable and useful to everyday life. It also develops attitudes and dispositions such as critical thinking and logical analysis, a curious and inquiring mind, and the ability to solve problems and grasp complex concepts.

A unique feature in the study and practice of physics is the extensive use of models, especially those expressed in mathematical language, to explain observations and make predictions . A model serves as a bridge between abstract scientific theories and the observations and experiences of the real world . Models should be tested through experiments and must be consistent with available evidence. Hence, they can change and evolve with new evidence . The learner should be cognizant of the assumptions and limitations that are inherent in the use of models as they simplify complex real world phenomena . Knowledge and understanding of the use of models in the learning of physics is highly transferable to other disciplines, such as modelling of biological processes, weather patterns, earthquakes, and even the movement of people or financial markets.


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