Friday, June 17, 2016

International STEM and/or STEAM Conference UWCSEA (United World College of South East Asia) Singapore

postpone to 2017

invitation to participate !

Title: International STEM and/or STEAM Conference

Venue: UWCSEA (United World College of South East Asia) Singapore:
Dates: Thursday 27th, Friday 28th and Saturday 29th October 2016.
Audience: The audience for the event will be International Teachers and Technicians from across the globe. Last year Technology Supplies found that attendees came from over 25 different countries, making it a very exciting opportunity for all involved.
Organiser: Timstar Laboratory Suppliers who are a leading, specialist supplier of Science Equipment, Consumables, Resources and Services to the Education Establishments worldwide. Our ultimate aim is to inspire students to work scientifically whilst actively promoting practical science in schools. Timstar have been trading overseas for over 4 years and are a part of the highly successful Wall Family Enterprise group. Having recently partnered with one of sister companies, D&T specialist Technology Supplies, we are aiming to host an International STEM Conference and would welcome your thoughts and ideas on the matter – details as follows:

The Event Structure

The first two days will be conference days with workshops (workshops/seminars will be 1 hour long) running alongside this and the third day will be a CPD course day.

The Conference Days (Thursday 27th & Friday 28th): Exhibitions, workshops and seminars.
CPD Course Day (Saturday 29th): Full CPD full 8 hour CPD day (2x 15 minute breaks & a 45 minute lunch). Course day.

Proposed Content

  1. Using Digital Teaching Resources in Science
  2. Developing a 5 Year Plan for Science
  3. Managing and Setting up a prep room
  4. How to start and run a big STEM project
  5. Applying Science to the Real World
  6. Science Equipment for STEM, Developing the Perfect Practical
The STEM event will provide a forum for members of industry, policy makers and educators to look at what is already being done to produce integrated approaches to STEM teaching and learning, and to debate the role of schools, colleges, universities and industry in advancing STEM education.

The event will be developed so that anyone with a professional interest in STEM education Internationally can gain an insight from others on how to incorporate STEM into their schools and departments, and provide opinion to debate the future of STEM education.

Timstar are currently working on gathering content and proposed speakers/workshop/seminar hosts for the event and would be delighted if yourself or one of your team would be interested in being involved in this event as a speaker or exhibitor. There will be a great opportunity to carry out workshops or seminars and to network with other professionals to discover resources, enhance your subject knowledge and share teaching approaches.