Thursday, October 13, 2016

My contributions as a specialist in 2016 (Jan – Dec)

this #goOpen post is intended to be a reflection of the kind of specialist work i do and also to positively brand specialist(s) in MOE.
point me to your blog and i will gladly read your contributions too.

TfL Specialists’ Contributions in 2016 (Jan – Dec)

A. National/International Representations

  1. Singapore awarded UNESCO King Hamid Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize for the Use of ICTs in Education 2015/16 based on the works of Open Source Physics at Singapore
  2. Supported Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore, and NIE sharing on “Capacity Building for Teachers Educators using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTS) and Pedagogical Development” for 30 African states teachers/principals.
  3. Invited feature story by Lifelong Learning Exploration Centre (LLEC)! Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to empower individuals to explore career possibilities as well as relevant training opportunities.
  4. Nominated to represent MOE at Public Service PS21 ExCEL CONVENTION 2016
  5. Invited Executive Committee (EXCO) of Science Teachers Association of Singapore

B. Representations on MOE & Cross-Divisional Committees

  1. Curriculum Review for 3 Committees on H1(on-going) H2 (ended this year) and H3 (new) Advanced Level Physics since 2014 until 2017
  2. Physics Chapter since 2012 until 2018
  3. Senior Specialist Council 2016 until 2017

C. Reviewer of Projects and Papers

  1. Reviewer of 16 papers, 14 electronic posters in ICTLT2016, chair of iCTLT2016paper review committee, assigned 362 papers to 18 NIE, 60+ ETD officers
  2. Presider of 3 Model lessons, moderator of RGS Learn@school and Advanced Google eduTechStudio in ICTLT2016
  3. Reviewer of NIE proposals NIE Tier 2 Proposals (16RFP) MAF: Science Learning
  4. Reviewer of eduLab proposals Robotics / Coding 
  5. Reviewer of Technology for DET and LS/TFL resources from company

D. Presentations

  1. Progressive mathematical model building (mathematical function plots/graphing) process, 8th IPSG Sharing session for A-Level Physics educators, National JC.
  2. Laureates Seminar Three: Quality and safety of e-learning, Open Source Physics@ Singapore, Mr Wee Loo Kang Lawrence, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Education, Singapore, UNESCO HQ, Paris, France.
  3. TFL branch sharing on 20th International Conference on Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning Conference Gim Moh MOEHQ
  4. Physics Chapter ST-LT Networking Session Sharing on the UNESCO Award for OSP@SG at Commonwealth Secondary
  5. Open Source Physics @ River Valley High School Concurrent Session 2.2, River Valley High
  6. edulab meeting project update on People, Product, Process 3P scaling up framework, Gim Moh MOEHQ
  7. “Capacity Building for Teachers Educators using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTS) and Pedagogical Development” for African State countries under the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and in support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore, 18 May 2016 Evergreen Sec
  8. Education 2030: Towards an inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning for all, a journey by Open Source Physics @ Singapore OSP@SG Sharing with West 6 Cluster Schools 200 teachers.
  9. Public Service PS21 ExCEL CONVENTION 2016 nominated presentation/booth by MOE for Public Service Division.
  10. Workshop leader for hands-on ICT to create computer models 4 Days 07-10 Nov workshop by Professor Francisco Esquembre and Wolfgang Christian from the OPEN SOURCE PHYSICS.
  11. Cancelled "Using Digital Teaching Resources in Science" International STEM and/or STEAM Conference, UWCSEA (United World College of South East Asia) Singapore

E. Publications and Papers

  1. Wee, Loo Kang. (2016). Creating Electronic Books-Chapters for Computers and Tablets Using Easy Java/JavaScript Simulations, EjsS Modeling Tool. Paper presented at the 20th International Conference on Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning, Munich, Germany.
  2. Bülbül, Mustafa Şahin, & Wee, Loo Kang. (2016). Using the knowledge of penumbra with a trick simulation. Latin-American Journal of Physics Education 9(4).
  3. Teague, Helen, Pruett, Charlie, & WEE, Loo Kang. (2016). Social Justice through Simulation: Blended Learning for Intergenerational Studies. Paper presented at the Global Learn 2016, Limerick, Ireland..

F. Lead in Translational Research Projects

  1. Principal Investigator for “Modelling-Inquiry enabled Interactive Textbook” NRF2015-EDU001-EL021 edulab project (2015-2016) with 4JC, 20 teachers, 800 students.
  2. Co-Principal Investigator with Professor Gavin Fuller in NIE Education Research Funding Programme (ERFP_OER 10/15): Understanding Teacher Learning Communities as Support for Implementation of Computer Simulations for Physics Conceptual Instruction
  3. Proposed Principal Investigator for SSTRF 2017 Exploring Useful Primary Mathematics App 
  4. Proposed Principal Investigator for eduLab 2017 Apps as Virtual Laboratory
  5. Proposed co-Principal Investigator for eduLab 2017 LittleBits Hands-on Kits

G. Provision of Consultancy to schools & HQ Divisions

H. Others