Monday, June 27, 2016

Professional development at Yishun JC

project on eduLab21 NRF2015-EDU001-EL021 Modelling-Inquiry Enabled Interactive Textbook
Professional development at Yishun JC
28 June 2016
All JC1 Physics tutors


Open Source Physics at Singapore OSP@SG simulations have 3  design principles:

  1. User design: Simple & Optimum View of Screen
    1. Interactively simulated, Drag and move objects to get position 
    2. Drop-down menu to set variables, show drawings, initialize scenarios
    3. full-screen capability on Android only, iOS is normal sized.
  2. Teacher design: Gradual buildup of concepts
    1. concepts are build up from simple to complex, example position vs time to energy versus time later in subsequent simulation
  3. Pedagogical design: progressive mathematical modeling 
    1. input mathematical formula for trend fitting and student to make effort to 'model' motion, functions etc.

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