Wednesday, July 27, 2016



enrollment code: aztme9
time for generating the LA available in the system.

steps needed

  1. please goto and use the enrollment code: aztme9 and create a student account, it will be automatically tag to my teacher account in
  2. note down your student id and password required for completing the assignment of 3 math questions called ETD.
  3. login to using the student id generated and password you keyed in before.
  4. the questions will be fielded one by one, complete them
  5. each question is multiple choice, only the first attempt is marked as correct.
  6. try the hints if you need help
  7. question 2 complete it 
  8. question 3 complete it
  9. review your own response
  10. teacher wee will share the LA with the class when we meet 29july
  11. thank you!