Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A heart warming feedback by teacher in school

A heart warming feedback by teacher L in school.

How do eduLab projects influence the landscape of teaching and learning in Singapore?

How do participating schools perceive the influence of eduLab’s learning innovations in shaping the following:
  1. innovative practices
  2. teacher capacity
  3. student outcomes

innovative practices

I found myself greatly influenced to use and test learning innovations. I think because eduLab projects are structured, formal projects with deadlines, budgets, targets and much support, there is a strong incentive for me to plan to use learning innovations, to study their effectiveness and improve them for further use. \^^/

teacher capacity

In terms of teacher capacity, I think, precisely because I took Computing in JC, I am very aware of my weaknesses in programming, My previous ICT usage has been limited to whatever is available. Now, I have the "power" to request pedagogical modifications to the learning innovations which i feel would make the physics more accessible to my students. I feel that I have more control and hence feel more enabled in using ICT in my classroom, despite my lack of programming skills. ^_^

student outcomes

For student outcomes, this is an area we can discuss more and maybe agree on what are measurable yet relevant student outcomes? ^^;;;

How do eduLab projects influence the landscape of teaching and learning in Singapore?

To create the contextual readiness that can support the diffusion of innovations, I think the prolific presentations/sharings/seminars/workshops help to a great extent to raise awareness, spark interest and empower teachers. The jump from awareness and interest to action requires a stronger push. I felt that by making the use of learning innovations more painless (easy to download, no need for TA to install, comes with worksheets and solutions etc), when teachers are required to implement ICT, they would first consider and use eduLab's learning innovations.