Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ping Pong Ball Rebounce Model

Ping Pong Ball Rebounce Model
video Ning HT
model Wee LK.

Ping Pong Ball Rebounce Model
Model building Process

  1. Select Dynamic Model Cartesian, propose inital model say Fy = -mg
  2. add parameter g = 9.81 since assume m =1 by default
  3. determine vy when t=0, which is found via analysis to be vy = -0.6
  4. Fy = -mg-kvy where kvy is drag force
  5. fine tune value of k until match data k is found to be k = 1.11
  6. this completes the fall under drag model  
  7. to add the rebounce force
  8. propose computational thinking, if (t< thitground , true, false )
  9. nestted if statements to achieve answer
  10. can you get the same model?, need to assume contact time of 0.02
  11. the model suggests contact force is 500 N for a mass of ping pong m=1kg 
  12. if ping pong mass is measured, just key in to find the contact force.
  13. enjoy!