Wednesday, September 28, 2016

TRAISI smart, thank for not auto-saving my work.

TRAISI smart, thank for not auto-saving my work.

Learning Objectives

The International Conference on Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning provides an annual forum to exchange information and ideas about the use of multimedia in physics teaching and learning. The scientific advisory board includes members of the Open Source Physics group like Wolfgang Christian, Davidson College, USA and Francisco Esquembre, University of Murcia, Spain for which the SS has deep expertise on.

As such, the objectives of training include: 1) gain the latest ideas and knowledge on incorporating ICT in education; 2) share these ideas and knowledge with colleagues and teachers upon return; 3) explore possibilities in integrating new ideas and knowledge into local educational context, 4) contribute new ideas to the international educational community of the conference by presenting a paper Open Source Physics.

Post-Training Performance Targets

1 Are your targets SMART? Job assignments identified for officer before the course should be indicated here.

I aim to be the Principal Investigator in a MOE edulab project using the resources and skills shared in International Conference on Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning. I will network  with Professors whom are experts in computational Physics education and learn how to build simulations and electronic books. During the conference stay, i will attend relevant workshops and attend the paper presentations.

I will spend one day per week to find out and develop resources for the edulab project.
I will also conduct research on relevant bodies of literature from the conference to attain a suitable blend of achievable results and outcomes. Published results and resources will be immediately usable by schools and MOEHQ.
Sharing done include CPDD's Instructional Programme Support Group for all JC physics teachers 2017 Jan, ETD's Branch Meeting 2017 May for 50 ETD officers, eduLab@AST workshops for 30 teachers (spread across Jan, Feb Mar, Sept and Nov 4 full days )