Wednesday, November 2, 2016

(EL021) Interactive Textbook edulab presentation

Reflecting on how to scale up good teaching practices across the Singapore island. What else do i not do ? let me know using the comments below! thanks!

Date: Monday, 7 November 2016
Time: 5.40pm
Venue: TR29, Block C, Level 4, Academy of Singapore Teachers, 2, Malan Road, Singapore 109433

In response to EC’s queries, the project team shared that:

·         They have an estimated 1,000 students and 8 teachers using the Interactive Textbooks in 4 schools

·         the e-book (e-pub) is deployed in Google PlayBook, Apple iBook and on the project web server, scalable to more schools after project closure.

·         Compared to texts and static pictures, interactive e-book can allow visualization of 2D and 3D physics ideas which makes the concepts come alive.

·         More e-books can be created for O level and other subjects as this project has already open sourced the textbook for anyone to access and adapt

·         One of strength of this project is any teachers can edit and customise to his/her school needs.

·         It is written under Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-A-Alike CC-BY-NC-SA Licence.


The committee sees potential in developing the project further and advised the project team to:

·         allow flexibility for students to create and tailor the model themselves

·         look into setting difficulty levels for students and teachers to annotate changes and encourage collaborative learning

·         work with schools directly to embed the application where is appropriate.